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The FSA leadership is itself concerned about this development.

The Confused Person’s Guide to the Syrian Civil War

In addition to the above mentioned, I would like to note that in case of violation of any international laws by the representatives of the country, which performs the intervention, these persons should be brought to the court.

That appears to be what the US and other countries are doing. What you need to know about the crisis in Syria. On one hand, standing by and not doing anything could encourage al-Assad and indicate that he can do whatever he wants without any kind of retaliation.

Exploitation of religion The Assad regime, in turn, has specifically attempted to mobilize confessional groups in order to transform the protest into a religious and ethnically motivated civil war. There is a serious humanitarian crisis taking place there, and there does not appear to be any easy end to the conflict in sight.

However, substances, upon which chemical weapons are created, cause irreparable damage to the ecology of our planet. The reader needs to be aware of what he or she will learn about in the paper the writer has created.

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The goal of both terrorist groups seems to be less of a political, anti-establishment nature and more of a struggle for establishing territorial control over eastern Syria Jenkinssyrian civil war thesis statement They are revealed in the form of dangerous diseases among those who did not die immediately.

Syrian civilians, who every day face arrest, torture, and death on a massive scale or who are forced to flee the country, syrian civil war thesis statement considered to be of marginal significance to these players. Other countries are considering intervening in the Syrian conflict.

The protection of many innocent lives remains the ultimate goal.

1. Introduction

It is so, because if terrorists use chemical weapons and destroy the infrastructure of developed countries, it can lead to a complete collapse of the economy. One of the main issues that have brought international scrutiny is the use of chemical weapons Rankin. Hundreds of civilians died in that attack, and many of them were children Syria.

Many did not agree with the view that the Syrian forces committed the attack, but instead saw it as a false flag by opposition forces to gain more support internationally. Protests escalated and the regime responds with mass arrests, torture and killings. Unfortunately, the changes did not have the desired effect. The group started to gain more prominence and power after the US withdrawal from Iraq and eventually expanded to Syria, where it took over most of the eastern part of the country, sections of which it shares with its rival terrorist organization, Al-Nusra Front.

Millions of people who survived the attacks, the protests, and the chemical weapons are seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

Syrian Problem

The punishments were seen as unjust and many took to thesis dedication to wife streets in protest. Syria's civil war has been ongoing since the Arab Spring inbut there were problems in the country long thomas robert malthus an essay on the principle of population and other writings that time Rankin For example, the Washington Post has reported that weapons and explosives have been supplied to the Syrian opposition from abroad and that the USA has been cooperating with regional players who offer support to the opposition.

That violence resulted examples of cover letters for accounting internships the deaths of a large number of civilians, and that resulted in more retaliation. Essay Writing Resources. One of the major rebel groups is the Free Syrian Army FSAwhich is essentially a rebel army composed of a thousand independent units, which are grouped into larger factions often on the basis of ideology and loyalty Jenkins Ultimately, the refusal of the international community to bear responsibility for the suffering of the Syrian population means that it is willing to tolerate this series of crimes against humanity taking place in Syria.

Nevertheless, all manner of military and non-military support are forms of foreign intervention. Here are just a few ways to look at it: Who? For syrian civil war thesis statement sources that do not have a page number, just the name of the author or website can be used in the parenthetical citation There was a lot of Christianity in Syria in the past, and eventually the country changed and became Islamic.

The end result of this involvement is that the Syrian state has been brought to the verge of collapse by internal fighting, without, however, any victor emerging. Rankin, Seija. The organization of the essay will thus be following: 1.

How it started

If people do not stop the use of chemical weapons now, it may be too late tomorrow. Conversely, Hafez groomed his charismatic son, Bassel, as the future president of Syria, while Bashar lived under the shadow of his elder brother.

In short, Syria still faces a long road ahead. The Situation in Syria In recent years, there has been an extreme shift in the desire for change throughout Syria on a political level.

Syrian And The Syrian Civil War

The large surge of Syrian syrian civil war thesis statement is a direct result of the Syrian civil war and the extreme violence thomas robert malthus an essay on the principle of population and other writings it has created. Note that there is a comma between the two pieces of information, unlike Harvard style Use of Chemical Weapons There has been everything from sniper shootouts to widespread shelling in Syria.

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However, in terms of the danger posed by a possible exploitation of religion in the Syrian conflict, the greatest threat is posed by the significant rise of the jihadist fighters. The need for international cooperation As a result of this proxy war, Syria has become ensnared in a bloody and brutal war of attrition, while domestic policy is increasingly determined by ethnicity and religious affiliation, thereby endangering the unity and culture of the country.

Islamist Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra members posing on a tank. Great Britain's Prime Minister has stated that he intends to introduce a UN resolution that would authorize the use of force Rankin.

Such actions should only be performed if diplomatic negotiations or sanctions have not given any results. Defense Intelligence Agency puts the number of groups at 1, There have been several countries that have urged the use of force against al-Assad and his regime.

Many of the provisions in Syria are dwindling, cover letter for student job in germany people do not have enough to eat or enough medical supplies. This outline is written in MLA style, which requires the outline to provide the thesis statement. Only four days later, nearly hundred people died in demonstrations in Daraa, Damascus and Baniyas due to a harsh crackdown from the Syrian syrian civil war thesis statement forces on the protesters Al Jazeera a.

Unarmed civilians were attacked and killed by government troops as they searched for the most effective and seemingly brutal method for quelling this uprising. However, that could easily change at any time.