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Ask for feedback—was it clear? Andy Horowitz specializes in modern American political, cultural, and environmental history. Can I still get into a seminar? The presentations that follow include the scientific, the humanistic, and more. Do Directed Studies courses count towards the History major? PhD dissertation, University of Pennsylvania.

PhD dissertation, Bangor University. PhD dissertation, University of Oxford. Grant, Roger Mathew. Be sure to show up at the first meeting. Then, hand descriptions creative writing few weeks later, the finalists meet in a lecture hall to duke it out in the deciding round.

Final determination will be at the discretion of the DUS. PhD dissertation, Uppsala University. It catches him off guard. The range of acceptable topics is wide, but most essays fall into two categories. I took a course in another department that had a lot dissertation adviser history in it. These early contests weed out those who, for instance, use too much jargon or focus on one aspect of their work without describing the big picture; others write thesis proposal close but are edged out by the tough competition.

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Harne, George A. Special thanks to Scott Gleason for starting this list. Weber, Laura. McCormick, Ma dissertation proposal example, You will be notified by e-mail once an adviser has ben assigned.

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Arndt, Matthew. To experience history as a discipline, a student must grapple at first hand with the problems and rigors involved in this kind of systematic investigation and exposition. Tan, Daphne. Csicsko, Nicholas.

PhD dissertation, University of Rochester.

SMT Interest Group & AMS Study Group

Whatever topic the student elects, the essay must be interpretive and analytical, not only narrative and descriptive. This is the adviser who is authorized to sign your schedule. Schenker and Schoenberg on the Tone and the Genius. All students are required to choose either the Global or Specialist track within yale history dissertations History major. Some graduate and professional school courses are open to qualified undergraduates with permission of the instructor and the director of graduate studies.

How, then, to explain it all in the time it takes to prepare a soft-boiled egg? Gleason, Scott. Csicsko, Nicholas. Tan, Daphne. Hamilton, Elina. Attach your syllabus and any research papers that you wrote.

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Some chat, some review notes, others just wait. PhD dissertation, Rutgers University. Can a single course be used to fulfill more than one requirement? Students who choose the Specialist Track will be assigned an adviser in that area of specialization.

Water filtration membranes, so important all over the world for ensuring access to clean water, can be easily damaged. He is writing a book about Katrina's history, which is under contract with Harvard University Press. All students must write either a 2-semester required for distinction in the major or 1-semester senior essay.


PhD dissertation, Columbia University. Byrne, David A. Arndt, Matthew. You may petition for admission through the regular shopping process. Was it interesting?

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Hamilton, Elina. Pre-registration for departmental seminars is done on-line. Dobbs, Benjamin. Gleason, Scott. McCormick, Susan, Studies in the History of the Cadence. PhD dissertation, Dresden University. PhD dissertation, Harvard University. I thought they pulled it off exceptionally well. In general, courses that count toward the History major are a courses that originate in the History Department and therefore carry HIST numbers, or b courses originating in another department that are double-titled and therefore carry a HIST number.

Brannon, Samuel J. What are the requirements of the History major?

  1. After you declare the major, the History Department will assign you a History faculty member as your adviser.
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  4. Harne, George A.
  5. Later, the judges say they were impressed with the presentations.

Byros, Vasili. Students must complete two courses in History before declaring the major. Held toward the tail end of the spring semester, it is an elevator-speech write thesis proposal for doctoral candidates. Students may change their track or area of specialization as late as the write thesis proposal of course selection shopping period in the first semester of senior year.

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Special thanks to Scott Gleason for starting this list.