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Thus, you should write a short page paper that concisely explains what you did and why it is new or important. If you need help, contact the Language Institute or English Department.

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The ability to think independently. An approved program of study is valid for three years.

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Quick Bachelorarbeit uberschriften formatierung to the M. Thesis Readers Three readers evaluate the thesis. The competing or previous approaches you compare against must have been introduced in Chapter 2 in fact that may be the only reason they actively appear in Chapter 2 and you should include pointers back to Chapter 2.

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We predict that you will computer science master thesis sample us to do this during D-1 month. You should repeat, whenever possible, these tests against competing or previous approaches if you are clever you will win hands down in such comparisons or such comparisons will be obviated by system differences.

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The thesis due date for March graduates is November 15, Thesis Timeline for Seniors The timeline below is for students graduating in May. In the case of the independent thesis, the student must follow the writing instructions described later in this page.

An information session for those interested in writing a senior thesis is held towards the end of each spring semester.

MS Theses - NYU Computer Science Department

It can be practical a project or theoretical. In addition, in the event that the University no longer offers a course included in a student's individual program of study, the student will be required to select an alternative course s.

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You should choose criteria by 4chan homework help to judge your results, for example, the adequacy, coverage, efficiency, productiveness, effectiveness, elegance, user friendliness, etc. Of course you should already have been talking to your committee members during this feasibility study process.

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The thesis must include a critical review of the literature in the field. Here is a list of some of these indicators.

The student can perform a literature survey, or develop a piece of software, a device, or an algorithm, for example.

Furthermore this summary is important because it will make up the "Background Research" part of your thesis as well as any papers you'd like to publish. You need it to secure a good position after you finish your PhD.

You can also have non-CS faculty members on these committees so Dan is a good addition.