16 great anti-aging skin techniques every day

16 great anti-aging skin techniques every day

A daily routine is one of the reasons that makes your skin worse. In order for the skin not to age prematurely, it is advisable to change some bad habits and add good habits to help skin become smoother, firm and healthy. Let’s learn the secrets of anti-aging skin with Health CPN every day.

1. Add vitamin A to anti-aging skin

Vitamin a anti-aging

Vitamin A (also known as retinol) is a micronutrient that the body cannot synthesize, but must supplement from outside from the daily amount of food, functional food … to help prevent skin oxidation, increase eyesight.

Vitamin A is absorbed by the body, then stimulates collagen production, increases the cohesion of skin cells, improves the structure, helps the skin always plump and soft.

2. Weight gain – the skin’s enemy

When you gain weight, the skin’s surface is stretched, causing skin connections to be destroyed, leading to sagging skin, rapid aging.

So, in daily meals, you should add vegetables, low-fat foods, juices … to balance nutrients, reduce the risk of weight gain. At the same time should reduce fat, sugar, avoid eating after 20 hours.

3. Drink enough water to moisturize the skin

Drinking water helps to rejuvenate the skin

Water accounts for about 70% of human body mass, is an important component in the metabolic process. The National Institutes of Medicine determines the ideal amount of water for men is 3 liters / day and for women to be 2.2 liters / day.

Not drinking enough water will affect the skin, dry skin causes wrinkles, dull skin. Therefore, to keep your skin healthy, youthful, you should stay hydrated for a day of activity.

4. Get enough sleep to help the skin relax

Get enough sleep to make skin more beautiful

During sleep, our bodies repair, detoxify and balance hormones.

Lack of sleep or going to bed too late affects the function of moisturizing, restoring and regenerating the skin, the skin’s metabolism is reduced, leading to the accumulation of toxins and speed up skin aging.

Sleep enough 7-9 hours to help the body achieve the best energy state. To keep skin healthy and slow down the aging process, you should sleep before 11pm.

5. Sunscreen – the “armor” of the skin

Avoid sunlight to prevent large pores

Sunlight is one of the factors that cause many skin problems such as sunburns, skin burns, tanning, skin pigmentation, aging … To prevent UV exposure, you should choose products. Sunscreen has an SPF of more than 30 when outdoors.

You can also wear sunscreen, UV protection, wear a hat with a brim, and bring an umbrella when you go out to avoid damaging your skin.

6. Wash your hands before using cosmetics


Every day, hands in contact with many objects, are capable of infection or dirt. So, before you use your hands to apply cosmetics to your face, you need to wash your hands, to make sure that these bacteria and dirt do not follow cosmetics and stay in the pores on your face.

When dirt sticks to the pores, it will make the pores enlarge, making it difficult to keep the skin firm.

7. Don’t smoke

No smoking

Tobacco causes many diseases for the body such as cancer, tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease … In cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide will reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells and nicotine reduces blood circulation, making skin suffer. dry and dull color.

For a healthy life and beautiful skin, you should not smoke.

8. Discard products with microplastic particles

Do not use products with microplastics

Microplastic resin is widely used in skin care products, it has the function of supporting exfoliation. However, microplastics can scratch the skin’s surface, disconnect the epidermal cells, making the skin appear dry.

Currently, the environmental protection organizations recommend not to use products containing microplastics, because it has a negative impact on marine organisms.

9. Add substance from the inside out

Healthy eating helps rejuvenate

Some cosmetics are anti-aging, but if you want to prolong the natural state of skin beauty and great health, you should choose foods that provide antioxidants from the inside.

Supplement foods rich in omega-3, vitamins A, B9, zinc, and copper to help metabolize collagen more easily. There are many green – clean foods that help fight the aging process of the skin such as dark green vegetables, fruits (pomegranates, oranges, guava …), tubers (carrots, radishes …) .

10. Change pillow covers

Change anti-aging pillow covers

A pillow used after 2 years with 1/3 of its weight is dead skin cells, dust … these are all causes of acne, pore-blocking, allergies.

So, experts recommend, you should replace the pillow cover every 6 months / time, change the pillow bowel every 2 years. Wash the pillowcases often and dry in the sun.

11. Select the right water temperature when bathing

Water at high temperature will damage the epidermis of the skin causing dry skin, easily creating wrinkles on the surface. Water is too cold to cause heat stroke in the body, leading to a stroke.

You should use water at the right temperature for the outside environment, to help prevent heat shock from the body and relax the skin.

12. Exercise

Exercise against aging

A recent study shows that exercise helps the body produce better mitochondria, which in turn produces antioxidants that help the body fight off the factors that cause aging.

Take 30 minutes a day to exercise, help blood circulation, blood to the cells faster and nourish pink, plump skin.

13. Add the right fats

Eat anti-aging healthy fats

The excess fat in the body causes weight gain and the associated diseases (steatohepatitis, diabetes …). But if you use healthy vegetable fats, olive oil, peanuts … will help fight skin aging, keep skin plump.

Fat is one of four essential groups of fats for the body, playing an important role in the activities of cells. Fat plays a role in storing energy, helping the body in a balanced state, protecting the skin from changes in temperature …

Fat is the solvent that transports oil-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, K). These vitamins play an important role in enhancing vision, immunity, cardiovascular treatment, anti-aging skin …

14. Use natural masks

9 blackhead mask recipes

Some natural ingredients have anti-aging, moisturizing, skin-brightening properties such as tomatoes, honey, avocado, cucumber, pomegranate …

Natural ingredients are easy to find at affordable prices. You can combine them together to have a face mask like that.

To learn more about the rejuvenation mask recipe, please click here!

15. Intestinal care

Did you know that in order for the metabolism to be optimal, the digestive organs must be active? Therefore, you must protect the digestive tract well, in order for them to fulfill their function.

You should eat on time, use foods rich in fiber, supplement with foods that are good for the gut …

Do not eat foods that are burnt, too spicy, too sour, foods to last, drink alcohol or stimulants … will disturb the intestines, reduce the body’s metabolism.

16. Limit your intake of sugar

Abstinence helps rejuvenate

When you cannot control the amount of sugar in your body, you will have many problems such as dull skin, tooth decay, fatty liver, acne, sagging skin, aging, vision loss …

According to the American Heart Association, the amount of sugar consumed in men is 35g / day, in women it is 24g / day.

Your daily routine has a lot to do with the natural aging process of your skin and it can speed it up if you don’t care. Therefore, to fight skin aging, you should pay attention to the above tips to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and youthful.

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