3 Ways To Lose Weight For Summer + Results

1. Drink Plenty of Water


Drink Plenty of Water

When it comes to weight loss is to drink plenty of water we all have it, it’s available to us so water is great for weight loss, probably the number one thing you can do to actually lose weight carry a water bottle around drink before meals especially it’s going to be an appetite suppressant, going to fill you up, it’s going to feel like you already have something in your stomach,

So drink lots of water the water can actually be hard to consume hard to get down drinking too much of it. Drink lots of sugary sodas and things like that but the bottom line is drink lots and lots of water.


2. Lean Foods To Lose Weight


Lean Foods To Lose Weight

Lean Foods To Lose Weight


Eat very lean foods, Foods that are very high in protein chicken Brest lean, ground beef white any sugary based foods, stay away from ice cream and the cookies things like that, I know we want to splurge and that’s okay definitely have your splurges once or twice a week maybe,

So if you are really serious about weight loss you know make sure you are cutting back those carbs especially eat lots of foods that are high in protein that are going to give you energy you do need carbs but make sure the healthy carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes things like that.

Use a digital body analyzer scale that actually tracked your body fat percentage and it shows how much muscle you are actually gaining, it’s super great way to starting point out, it may not be a hundred percent accurate because you know tracking body fat percentage on any given device is not to be a hundred percent but it gives you a starting point band that’s all you need,

So it consistently tells you when you are increasing muscle and when you are reducing fat and all you have to do is just enter in your information it’s really simple your height, your body weight, your age and it will go through an algorithm and give you results, it’s a great tool to track your progress.

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3. Get Some Exercise To Lose Weight


Get Some Exercise To Lose Weight

Get Some Exercise To Lose Weight

It Doesn’t have to be six times a week it can be as little as three times a week it doesn’t have to be hitting the gym, hitting weights, it could be something as simple as going outside for a walk nice weather now it’s an excuse to get outside and you know go do something physical.

Get a moderate amount of exercise when it comes to losing weight and shredding some fat it’s actually simpler than a lot of you think and if you are new to all this make the change don’t just jump right into it and just start cutting everything out that you want,

We are not eating because at the end of it you are going to be craving you know the pizza and all the sugary foods even more than you once did today and when it comes to exercise just don’t start going to the gym doing two hour sessions start with even a half an hour 45 minute session and then maybe work up to an hour and a half and see how you feel just your body knows so just do not overdo that’s all.

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