3 Weight loss Tips That You Can Use Now

Three Diet tips for your weight management goals. weight loss tips that you can use now in your daily routine for unbelievable results.

1. Fiber




Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that has no calories so it goes right through your body, it also helps keep you fuller longer and it will help regulate your blood sugar help with insulin level etc.

So a couple types of foods that you can commonly find fiber and are obviously your fruits and vegetables, so for fruits let’s say your apples any sort of berry is going to have a good amount of fiber for vegetables you could eat something like broccoli carrots any type of fruit and vegetable is going to have some amount of fiber some will be higher than others you can also find fiber in whole grains,

You can also find fiber in nuts and legumes, so there are plenty of places that you can get this nutrient from, it’s going to help keep you satiated keep you fuller longer throughout the day preventing overeating which is mainly the cause of people eating too many calories is eating too many calories in one sitting looking back and going you know what did i do,

I overtake like crazy and throughout the day going to add up especially if a normal amount in the morning no amount at night but also in midday you binge and eat half a pizza it’s going to put you caloric surplus,so let’s also talk about theft you can get fat from some healthy sources as well you can get your omega s from things such as salmon and some other fatty fish you can get your healthy fats from nuts and legumes again which is why they are a great food to add to get your omega 9 from your flax seed eating the appropriate amount of fat throughout the day is going to help keep you satiated as well it also helps you absorb the fat soluble vitamins throughout the day as well,

so you want to make sure eating an adequate amount of fiber throughout the day and fat which will keep you satiated and keep you from overeating that way you stay in that caloric deficit or does your maintenance amount depending on your goals we want to make sure doing both those things.

2. Weight Management


Weight Management

This can be applied to you whether you are trying to build muscle or lose weight at the end of the day you have a calorie goal if you go over that calorie goal you will stop putting on excess body fat and for a lot of us get really hungry at night.

What happens when you are a night owl and you are up late or even if you are up late and you already hit your calories of the day and you are starting to get hungry what do you do you stop binging on foods you should not be eating like sweet tooth cravings kick in whether it’s candy or delicious carbohydrates or dessert whatever is in the fridge that you should not be eating at night you usually go for that first something that’s really helped me keep my cravings under control at night keep a box of greet of leafy greens in refrigerator,

Eat a handful or two leafy greens, now a handful of leafy is only going to be like ten calories, so super low but because it take so many to create those ten calories you are basically putting a handful of leaves in your stomach and it’s going to give you that feeling of being full and that’s what you are looking for at night you guys don’t want to do so well throughout the day have a hot core workout go home have a delicious dinner and feel so good about yourself and then just happen to be up late and start binging on foods you should be eating so if you have a hard time with overeating at night leafy greens and BCAAs works every time.

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3. Eat Foods That Burn More Calories


Eat Foods That Burn More Calories

While you sit there and do absolutely nothing but eat them what we call these foods are thermogenic foods when you eat them your body’s core temperature is going to rise it’s going to have to work harder in order to cool it back down these thermogenic foods can be things like spicy hot peppers things like your hot sauce and cinnamon which you can add to your coffee or your oatmeal,

So these foods are going to heat up your body your body’s going to work super hard to cool it back down burning additional calories while you sit there and just digest them, so these are a great thing to add throughout the day we are going to burn more calories doing absolutely nothing but eating these foods. Another thing that can actually burn calories while you sit there do nothing is consuming an adequate amount of caffeine,

Now obviously if you have some sort of heart condition that prevents you from having a bunch of caffeine throughout the day just obviously not recommended you want to check with a professional first report consuming any amount of caffeine if you have any of heart trouble at all but there is a study out there it shows about 600 milligrams of caffeine, so that’s roughly about if you go to Starbucks that’s almost about two medium sized copies or grande if you are familiar with Starbucks lingo and that convert up to about 150 calories in addition to your normal daily expenditure,

So you are burning 150 more calories by doing but drinking some caffeine and remember it’s not just from coffee and things like that you can get it from tea there are some caffeine and chocolate as well and remember that if you are taking caffeine it’s also probably in your pre-workout, so you don’t want to take too much because that can cause some serious issues, so just make sure it’s in check and under control in that amount but these foods will help you burn more calories of the day doing absolutely nothing which is why they are a great thing to add into your diet if you try to lose weight.

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