4 natural shampoo ingredients for healthy, shiny hair

4 natural shampoo ingredients for healthy, shiny hair

Since ancient times, when there were not as many shampoos as today, Vietnamese women always have the secret to take care of their hair, with only 4 shampoo ingredients from nature but helping the hair. healthy, shiny hair.

As a proverb says, “The tooth of a hair is the angle of a person”, so the Vietnamese woman is especially interested in taking care of her hair. In particular, since ancient times, women know how to take advantage of natural ingredients such as: Bodhi, grapefruit peel, lemongrass … to form shampoo to have thick, shiny hair.

firstContrary Locust

Contrary Locust

Bodhi is a popular ingredient used to cook shampoo. The Bodhi fruit is dried and then baked to smell it, then break it into a pot and pour in a kettle of boiling water.. Wait until the water is cool, you can wash your hair.

Washing your hair with kohlrabi fruit regularly will Help you get healthy hair, hair loss treatment, not itching or dandruff.

2Wash your hair with grapefruit oil made from grapefruit peel

Wash your hair with grapefruit oil made from grapefruit peel

Do you know medium grapefruit essential oil It has the ability to treat hair loss, stimulate hair growth while helping you own healthy and smoother hair.

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To get the essential oil from grapefruit peel, simply place the peel in a heat-resistant glass bowl, followed by olive oil to cover the grapefruit peel. Bring grapefruit peels in a water bath for 5 hours, then let the grapefruit peel cool, then put in a mesh cloth, press hard to get the essential oils.

Every time you wash your hair you can taking grapefruit essential oil mixed with warm water to wash hair will be very shiny!

3Tea shampoo and lemongrass

Tea shampoo and lemongrass

Lemongrass contains citral active ingredient that helps to protect healthy hair follicles from the risk of hair loss. Combined with tea helps Cleanses the scalp, effectively treats dandruff while nourishing hair.

You take the thick tea, put the tea in the pot, add 1/2 cup of white wine with a teaspoon of coconut oil, boil for about 3 minutes, then add lemongrass and smash for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat.

Take the mixture just boiled Apply evenly on hair and incubate for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.

4Betel nut grass

Betel nut grass

Betel nut grass is also a natural shampoo material that is favored by many Vietnamese women. This grass has the advantage of Early gray hair treatment and hair loss reduction.

The betel nut grass is washed and then put in the pot, add 2 liters of water, boil it until the water turns green, then take it to cool.

In addition, if you want the shampoo to have more fragrance, after you remove the betel nut grass, add the basil to the water and continue to cook until the water is half, then turn off the heat, and let it cool.

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After cooking betel nut water, let it cool Use a cotton ball to absorb the mixture into the entire hairline, use a light brush from the roots to the ends, incubate the hair for about 15 minutes then do it again until the boiled water is gone.

Recently, these natural shampoo ingredients are both safe and effective for hair to help women own beautiful, smooth, shiny hair. If you have time you can apply it this way to make your hair more beautiful!

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