5 effective scarring medicines you should know

5 effective scarring medicines you should know

When we get scarred, we often have low self-esteem, and can sometimes be stressed. Currently, there are many methods of treating scarring, one of which is effective scar medicine.

Scarring is an obsession of many people, affecting one’s aesthetics and confidence. Besides, scar treatment requires patience and time. Currently, there are many scars on the market, but their true effects are still unknown. Using the wrong medicine will make the treatment ineffective and costly for the user. Therefore, you need to know how to choose an effective scarring drug. Here are 5 scarring products that you can consider.

Contractubex® gel is an effective scar treatment

Contractubex in gel form is a medicine to treat keloids, containing 3 main active ingredients: cepae, heparin, allantoin extract. The drug has a flattening and blurring effect. For best results, apply medication as soon as the wound has closed or threaded. You should apply 2–3 times a day, for 3 months to see the effect.

Note that you should only apply medicine to closed wounds, not to get medication on eyes, mouth or other mucous membranes. However, this drug is only effective on new scars.

Anti-scarring: Hiruscar

Hiruscar effectively treats scars

Hiruscar is an effective, gel-like, anti-scarring medicine, so it is absorbed quickly into the skin. Hiruscar contains MPS in combination with Allium Cepa along with allantoin, aloe, vitamin E, vitamin B3. The cream is used to treat scarring caused by movement, accident, acne, chickenpox … The drug helps to improve, dissolve damage and soften natural scar tissue, For the best results, you should use scarring cream continuously for 2–6 months.

Please note that the length of treatment may vary depending on the condition, size, type, formation time and extent of the scar. Most scars improve within 8 weeks.

Dermatix effectively treats scars

Dermatix contains active ingredient silicone gel, cyclopentasiloxane, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. The drug has the effect of smoothing, softening and blurring keloids, hypertrophic scars, surgical scars … The drug gives the best effect on new scars or scars not exceeding 2 years. You use scarring medicine this up a scaly wound. You can use this product for children, pregnant and lactating women. However, you should not use medication on open wounds, still wet, or in contact with eyes.

Scar medicine: Mederma

Mederma advanced scar gel

Mederma is a medicine for hypertrophic scarring[*] Contains the main ingredients extracted from onions such as: purified water, PEG 4, Allium Cepa (purple onion), Bulb Extract (onion), Xanthan Gum, Allantoin (Comfrey root), Fragrance, Methylparaben, Acid sorbic.

The drug is used to fade hypertrophic and keloid scars. Due to its benign composition, these scars often have rare side effects. However, if you are allergic to this product, wash off the medication with water and see your doctor immediately.

You apply the cream 1 time / day to the scar. It takes about 8 weeks for new scars to fade and 3–6 months for old scars.

Scar medicine: Scarguard MD

Scarguard MD

Another widely used scar-blurring drug is Scarguard MD. The drug is in liquid form, containing ingredients including hydrocortisone and Phenyl Trimethicone. The drug works to smooth new scars and shrink old scars. It can also provide temporary relief of itching caused by irritation, inflammation, and skin rashes. You should not use medicine for children under 2 years old and for wounds that are not crusted. To be effective, apply the medication 2 times a day, and let it dry before dressing.

Choosing an effective scarring medicine is very important for the aesthetic problem of the skin. But if you use the medicine for a child 2-12 years old, you should see a dermatologist for detailed instructions.

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