5 morning habits that make you easy to gain weight

5 morning habits that make you easy to gain weight

Morning exercise, reading or having a cup of coffee are good habits to help you have a new day full of energy and confidence. So on the contrary, which habits are bad for your morning? Let’s take a look at Health CPN 5 easy weight gain habits you often have in the morning.

1. Sleep well

Did you know that getting 20-30 minutes of sunlight in the morning will help your body set its circadian clock, reduce appetite and regulate energy levels for a productive day. A study in the journal PLOS One found that sleeping more than 10 hours a night also increased the risk of BMI higher than those who slept 7 to 9 hours a night. So, instead of sleeping for a few more minutes, you can wake up earlier and prepare to go out to the morning sunlight, which will be very good for your body and support your weight loss.

2. Do not arrange blankets and pillows

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who have the habit of keeping quilts neatly are not at risk of gaining weight compared to those with the opposite habits. This may sound silly, but Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, writes in his book that arranging a bed and bedding in the morning can spawn other good habits like being able to eat one. A healthy lunch and a daily diet help keep the calories in check.

3. Fast for breakfast

Researchers from Tel Aviv University found that people who did not eat breakfast were more likely to be obese than those with normal breakfast habits. Fasting breakfast also makes the stomach empty, there is nothing in the intestines that makes the body uncomfortable, and will experience hiccups. But if you do not eat breakfast so that you can make up for lunch and dinner, you will be completely wrong because it also inadvertently increases your weight. So, let’s get rid of this bad habit right away in the morning.

4. Eat a lot after exercising

Morning exercise is very healthy and helps you stay in shape. However, if you finish exercising and you consume too much food, you run the risk of gaining huge weight. Many people get up early in the morning and exercise on an empty stomach. As a result, after training they are very tired and hungry because a large amount of calories have been consumed. That is the habit that easily makes you gain weight that you easily get into in the morning.

5. Wake up in a dark room

A study on PLoS ONE found that the blue light wavelength from the early morning sun promotes metabolism and helps wake the body. You just need to open the curtains to let in the sunlight and your body only needs 20-30 minutes of sunlight exposure is enough.

Keep in shape, not only with diet, exercise, but also to pay attention to small habits this morning. Health CPN hopes you have learned from experience for yourself and not made the mistake that caused you to gain weight anymore.

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