5 natural curly hair ways to make you more attractive

5 natural curly hair ways to make you more attractive

The harmful effects of perm hair can cause your scalp to be allergic to chemicals or react to heat causing conditions such as dryness, split ends, breakage … Natural curls will help you reduce the harmful effects of perm and make you more attractive with wavy, windy hair.

Natural curly hair is usually done quite simply because you do not need heat or chemicals to curl your hair. This will be a suitable method if you want to preserve natural healthy hair.

Let’s learn 5 ways to make natural curly hair below to make you more attractive.

1. How to curl hair naturally

The natural way of curling hair using the bun method will help you get fluffy hair and save a lot of time.

Here are the steps:

– Swipe all the hair on top of the head so that the ends of the hair are facing the ceiling.

– You curl your hair from the tips of your hair to the top of your head to make a round bun and then use a hair tie to fix your hair.

– After a while, you release your hair, you will see the hair has a natural bounce.

Be sure to use buns that have elasticity because tying your hair too tight will damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss. This is also one of the causes of itchy scalp that you should avoid.

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2. How to make natural curly hair with a pencil

You can try making natural curly hair with a pencil if you want it to bounce in curls.

You can curl your hair with a pencil following the steps below:

– Divide hair into equal parts.

– Use a pencil to twist each part of the hair from under the tail up to the part you want the hair to be curly.

Hold for 3 minutes then move on to another curl.

You can use hair products that will keep your hair in order and last longer, but avoid products with a lot of alcohol, as this will dry out and dehydrate your hair.

3. How to curl hair by roller

how to make natural curly hair by roller

The way to curl hair with a batch is being chosen by many women because it is simple but highly effective.

Here are the steps:

– You brush your hair smoothly so that it won’t get tangled in the roll.

– Divide hair into equal parts, use a hairpin to curl each strand of hair and fix it.

– You keep your hair overnight and then remove it to see the curl of the ends.

You should not curl your hair while it is wet and then sleep as this will cause head fungus, hair loss and breakage.

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4. How to curl hair with socks

Use a pair of clean, short socks (socks) to curl your hair to work as well. Here’s how to help you get natural wavy, curly hair.

– Comb your hair straight and smooth then spray a little water on the ends of your hair. Be careful not to spray water on oily skin or the hair shaft.

– You take part of the hair above and then place the ends on the middle part of the socks.

– Curl the ends of hair gradually up and then you fix the hair by tying the ends of the socks together.

Continue doing this until all the hair is curled up.

– You keep your hair to bed and take off your socks in the morning.

The natural way to curl your hair with socks will make you more comfortable when you go to sleep because the socks are soft, so they don’t draw on your hair or pinch your head.

5. How to make curly hair with a t-shirt

If you want to fluff your hair, use an elastic t-shirt to curl your hair.

– Twist the t-shirt and tie the ends together to form a circle.

– You brush your hair smoothly and then use the shirt to put on the top of your head like you are wearing a bra.

Slowly curl the curls around the shirt ring.

– You leave your hair like that and go to bed until the next morning then take your shirt off.

If you don’t have a lot of time but want to have your hair curled quickly, you can use a hairdryer or hairpin. However, you should take care to use the machine in medium or low heat and should not abuse this method often because it will cause a lot of damage to your hair.

Note when doing natural curly hair

Although the above methods all use natural methods, you should be careful not to overuse the hair curler because it will make your scalp confined and damage your hair.

You should keep the following in mind when trying to create natural curly hair:

• Use a wide tooth comb: Your hair can become tangled after curling if you don’t have experience with perm, so use thin-tooth combs to comb your hair. Note that you should not brush your hair too hard because it will damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

• Wash your hair after using hairspray: You may need hairspray to keep your curls from getting tangled in the wind and rinse your hair to remove the chemicals from the glue after you have gone to a party, to work or out.

• Add keratin to hair: If your hair is weak and brittle, use a nutritious shampoo and keratin to restore the hair cuticle.

• Hair protection after curling: Always protect your hair from the sun and wind to keep it curly and healthy.

• Use hair products: You should use essential oils and hair conditioners right after you wash your hair to avoid damaging your hair, but be careful not to use varnish as it will dry out your hair. In addition, you can also use hair masks to keep your hair healthy.

Natural curly hair is usually quite economical, but also makes your face look younger and more beautiful. However, you should also take note not to overdo this method, but to let your hair feel the most comfortable. Besides, you also need to regularly condition your hair to keep your hair healthy.

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