5 tips for choosing clothes to help you always be beautiful

5 tips for choosing clothes to help you always be beautiful

You often get confused “can’t know what to wear” every time you open the closet? If you know how to choose clothes, you not only look beautiful but also healthier by avoiding the harmful elements from clothes and accessories!

World fashion icon – Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion can change, but style lasts”. In today’s times, perhaps it is not too difficult for you to follow a certain fashion trend through fashion magazines or shows. However, the line between unique style and fashion catastrophe is probably also fragile when you don’t know how to choose outfits.

Try these 5 basic outfit options if you want to look beautiful in all circumstances.

1. Color matching when choosing the outfit

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If you don’t know which color scheme is right for you, use the color wheel. Here A colored circle used to shape similar or opposite colors in warm, cold, and neutral tones. Some commonly used color schemes according to this color wheel are:

• Monochrome color scheme (monochrome): Choosing monochromatic tones for the entire outfit is the safest way if you do not have too much time to work on color schemes. This combination is simple but will not be boring if you know how to choose different shades of the same color such as pastel gold, neon yellow, orange yellow …

• Continuous color scheme: You can choose two adjacent colors to match the outfit. This is a kind of reciprocal color combination, giving a sense of harmony, coolness and naturalness. Purple – pink are the colors that can be used for girls who like the lightness. Meanwhile, blue – green is a pair of colors that will be suitable if you are looking for personality.

• Contrast color schemes: The symmetrical colors across the center of the wheel often suggest high contrast such as purple – yellow, green – red, blue – orange pairs. This combination will create a strong character, show your personality and energy.

Choosing the right color outfit will help you feel more confident on the road. If you are feeling stressed or tired, choose bright colors to feel more comfortable.

2. Choose shoes and bags

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Shoes and bags are indispensable accessories in many fashion coordination ideas. Here are some small suggestions for a combination that will result in a stylish, stylish set.

• Shoes of the same color as the details on the bag: A small detail on the bag like a zipper or animal lock of a different color than your bag combined with the same color shoe will create a noticeable highlight.

• Opposite bags and shoes: With this in mind, you can choose from brilliant bags and simple shoes or vice versa. You will not be afraid to become flashy if you know how to minimize clothes to create a sense of harmony but still not blurred.

• Shoes and bags with polished leather: Glossy leather brings a contrast of material to the overall outfit. This is a way to dress you to be healthier and more active.

Choosing trendy outer footwear, you should also pay more attention to foot health issues. The most important thing is that you need to choose the best size shoes to feel comfortable while exercising.

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3. Choose costumes that pay attention to patterns

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When monochromatic gets boring, patterned outfits will be a necessary change. However, in order for the motif to not make the outfit heavy, you should note:

• Patterns with the same color tone: You can choose many patterns on the same outfit, but you should choose on the same color tone but with different shades of shade.

• Small vignettes: Patterns such as flowers, polka dots, stripes, checkered … will create accents for the outfit to reduce the monotony.

• Patterns of many sizes: If you have chosen a patterned shirt, avoid wearing a pair of similar textures. Match clothes and accessories of different colors, thicknesses, and sizes.

Costume motifs will partly express your personality, bringing life to familiar single-color outfits.

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4. Choose clothes suitable for people

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Depending on the unique shape of the person, there will be a separate way of coordinating to both honor the outfit and conceal the shortcomings of the wearer.

♥ Hourglass shape

• Characteristics: Hourglass shape has cThe body is quite balanced with the hips and chest enlarged. Fat usually accumulates in the chest, arms, hips, thighs, abdomen; slim waist.

• Dress suggestions: You should focus your attention on the small waist to accentuate your figure. Slim dresses or belts will help you highlight the hourglass figure more.

♥ Pear shape

• Characteristics: This figure has a waist that is larger than chest size. The arms and shoulders are small, and the hips are big.

• Dress suggestions: Square, round neck or boat neck designs will make the shoulders appear wider. You should avoid tights and shorts and change to flared pants or wide-legged pants.

♥ Apple Appearance

• Characteristics: In this pose, the chest and waist are quite large, the upper body is wider than the hips.

• Dress suggestions: V-neck tops and skirts will make the belly fat less visible. The A-shaped dresses are also ideal for you. Conversely, loose clothes or too many layers of ruffles or lace will easily reveal body defects.

♥ Rectangular shape

• Characteristics: Rectangular bodies will have shoulder-width shoulders and close to waist. The body doesn’t have many curves.

• Dress suggestions: You can use a large waistband to add emphasis to the waist area. Pleated, pleated shirts will also help make the shoulders and chest bigger.

Shaped clothing will help your body look slimmer as long as they are not too tight and you are not wearing for too long. Clothes that are too tight can lead to blood accumulation in the legs and increase the risk of varicose veins.

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5. Choose a simple outfit

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Finally, before thinking about color schemes or choosing a stylish outfit, you need to remember simple principles like:

  • Do not get dressed immediately after ironing
  • Do not mix more than 3 colors
  • Always have a white shirt to match
  • Make use of old outfits with different styles

Going back to simple fashion style will not make you boring. This is also a minimalistic way of life to help you release stress when you do not know what to wear.

A few little tips that will help you stay trendy no matter what trends are trending the year. You may not be a supermodel on a magazine cover, but dressing properly will help you become more confident and attractive!

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