5 tips to stay healthy over Christmas 2017

Christmas is a time traditionally given for exaggeration, as Christmas drinks, office parties, year-end parties and family gatherings fill December calendar. It’s time to connect with family and friends, and there’s a lot of food, be it finger foods, buffets or deadly Christmas gifts like Chocolate Santa and Rocky Road.
It is the season to eat
However, sharing the spirit of Christmas can also be a time of confrontation and loneliness. Can be a moment when our problems are amplified. Separation of loved ones, memories of loss and excessive spending with financial pressures can have an impact on our well-being
There is additional pressure from trying to do everything on time, crowds in stores, anti-traffic and high expectations of families. Families that can not be seen again during the year are forced to share traditional family food, and often find it difficult to “mix with healthy people or dominant cousins.” The results eat and drink so much, we eat to soothe those negative emotions, stay healthy over Christmas.

Eat and drink but be careful what are you eating & drinking

The dumb season is a major contributor to weight gain, and the number of people was often 0.5 kg at the end of December, according to US investigations. why? Many of us get rid of all the food restrictions and there are more opportunities to eat too much and drink too much as part of the party mood.
Christmas is just a moment in an attempt to shed extra pounds. Be realistic: A more achievable goal is to keep your weight stable during the holiday season and just do not use any.
While no one can eat 100% healthy of the time, here are my 5 tips to help you not end up looking like Santa by the end of the year:

1. Limit the pig outs!

Limit the pig outs! Limit the pig outs![/caption]

Santa Claus Over-Eat Keep those days not overly overly worth, say three days: the day you end up working, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. One or two days of over-eating (when you feel your stomach will explode) will not be bad, but a month of festive feeding will accumulate kilo. The excess weight is gained slowly, not just by increasing indulgence. Eat only in moderation the next day. I hate that Christmas starts now in November with Santa Claus appearing in shopping malls and piles of desserts and cakes everywhere. The law that prohibits Santa from appearing until December 1 must be!

2. Be selective

Eat, drink and distrust those Christmas holidays. Check appetizers, bread, side dishes, chickpeas, turkeys, pavlovas and Christmas sweets and decide what you should absolutely have and what you can leave behind. Do not use it as an excuse to eat as much as you can or to get “what your money is worth”.

3. Avoid too much alcohol

Alcohol is full of keg (calorie) and loosen your inhibitions so you can eat things that do not usually like party cakes or fried onion rings.
Dilute wine and spirits with ice and mineral water, order light beer instead of full force or mix juice or mineral water with gas between regular drinks.
Do not forget non-alcoholic choices: sparkling mineral water, alcohol-free mouth, lime, soda and iced tea. Do you have if you are the host.
And you have something to eat before drinking to reduce the absorption of alcohol in your system.


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4. Keep moving (walk, exercise)

Continue the exercise to meet the food. Visit the gym (usually half empty at this time of year), take a swim or take a quick walk after dinner on a cool night. Take a tour of the Alps. Play cricket in the backyard. Try to get enough sleep.

5. Do not eat through two large meals a day

Unless you are an iron man in training, it is a sure way to increase your weight. If you have to attend two jobs, eat lightly or skip the course. stay healthy over Christmas

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