5 tips to help you exercise effectively lose weight

5 tips to help you exercise effectively lose weight

Without an effective weight loss exercise plan can make you easily discouraged when you work hard to drench your shirt and until you step on the scale, it will be the same. Don’t give up, the situation will change if you know your strategy wisely!

If you have ever exercised to lose weight without success, it may be because you have not adjusted your diet properly, do not care about sleep or do not prioritize cardio exercises. Let’s learn the secrets of how to exercise to lose weight more effectively with Health CPN!

1. Schedule a reasonable gathering

Weight loss exercise affects your hormones, so it takes time to rebalance your hormones after each training session. Hormone disruption can affect your sexual needs, your mood, and your exercise performance, so it’s important to rest.

The concept is that when exercising, the more you exercise and the more you sweat, the more your body weight will decrease. However, this concept is not correct. The number of calories burned during exercise can not be determined only by the time of exercise and the amount of sweating.

Listen to your body and schedule your days off. You can alternate a day of exercise with a day off to exercise more effective and reasonable weight loss.

Rest time is not only a time for your muscles to recover, but also for your psychological and emotional well-being. Forcing yourself to overdo it will make it easy to be discouraged if you haven’t seen the results of your weight loss exercise plan.

2. Include exercises in daily activities

Alternate effective weight loss exercises into your daily routine

Watch intense weight loss exercises into your routine to take advantage of the empty time. You can spend a minute dancing Zumba as soon as you wake up, take the stairs to the office instead of taking the elevator or running in place while talking on the phone.

Weight loss exercise is not the moment of fatigue at the gym or exhausting at the treadmill. Find ways to incorporate small movement minutes into your activities so as not to be too pressured.

3. Focus on high intensity exercise

Spend 2–3 days a week doing high-intensity exercises to gain fat faster. The most balanced people are those who focus on intense, effective weight loss exercises. In addition to doing push-ups, biking, lifting weights …, there are many forms of exercise you can choose from:

• Brisk walking: Walk for three minutes at a brisk pace, then walk at a normal pace for 3 minutes again.

• Jogging: You should run mixed with walking to be more resilient.

• Practice HIIT: Learn about the HIIT exercises and alternate heavy exercises with medium intensity exercises.

4. Pay attention to nutrition

Pay attention to nutrition during weight loss exercise

Proper nutrition will help your weight loss exercise more effectively. Science has proven that supplementing with a macronutrient group of proteins, carbohydrates and fats will help you build muscle. A reasonable amount of nutrients is 10–40g protein, at least 7g carbohydrates and maximum 3g fat. It is best to supplement these within 45 minutes of your workout.

In addition to adding protein, carbs and fat, avoid sugary foods as sugar is not conducive to your training and overall health. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your workout.

5. Take care of the quality of your sleep

Sleep is very important – to lose weight while maintaining optimal energy levels, sleep early at around 10 p.m. and get 7–8.5 hours of sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, try to take a nap if you feel tired.

Sleep is very important in helping your body make enough growth and recovery hormones after weight loss exercise. Getting enough sleep also helps clear out toxins and rejuvenate your cells.

Even if you don’t exercise regularly, you can still effectively lose weight. The weight loss exercise plan is not only about running fatigue, but also includes minutes of rest and self-care.

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