5 types of vegetables contain the “nest” of parasites you need to know

            5 types of vegetables contain the "nest" of parasites you need to know

Eating vegetables regularly is very good for supplementing essential vitamins for the body, however, these 5 vegetables are the “nest” of many parasites, if they are not cleaned before consumption, parasites. The process will nest in your body and cause many serious effects.

When it comes to parasites, everyone is familiar with it, although it is impossible to easily see and distinguish parasites with the naked eye, but does not mean they do not exist. If you eat some foods containing many parasites, it will easily cause serious effects on the body, so we must pay special attention.

The following 5 vegetables are some of them. Most people probably know that eating vegetables on a regular basis is good for getting essential vitamins for the body and good for health, however, remember to clean these 5 vegetables that contain many of these parasites first. when eat.

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is also very rich in nutrients, rich in fiber and other ingredients that play a certain role in weight loss, so this is also a favorite dish of most women.

Lettuce has many leaves that overlap in different ways, which is an advantage for resident parasites.

However, because lettuce has many leaves overlapping in different ways, this also becomes a great advantage for parasitic residence, so the amount of parasites in lettuce is also relatively high. Try to separate each leaf sheath of the lettuce and wash it, that will help you avoid leaving the smallest nooks and crannies where bacteria and parasites can reside.

2. White cauliflower

Cauliflower is rich in nutritional value, eating regularly can promote metabolism in the body, accelerate the excretion of toxins, reduce the burden on the body, increase the vitality of the organs, protect health, while helping to lose weight.

But because the surface of cauliflower, especially cauliflower, is not flat and difficult to clean, it is also easy to become a haven for some types of parasites. If you eat too much cauliflower that has not been cleaned thoroughly, it will adversely affect the body.

If you really want to eat cauliflower, it is best to cut the cauliflower into small pieces for easy cleaning. At the same time, try boiling it with water (blanching) before eating, which can help reduce parasite growth and protect your body.

3. Water spinach

Morning glory is rich in nutritional value, relatively high iron content is effective in preventing anemia caused by iron deficiency and other diseases, improving anemia phenomenon, protecting human health.

However, due to its poor adaptability to the environment, water spinach is susceptible to bacteria and viruses invading. At the same time, the poor growers in the cultivation process also use a large amount of pesticides and growth drugs to help vegetables grow larger and greener.

Therefore, when choosing to buy and use water spinach you must be very careful. It is best to choose to buy from reputable, quality businesses and manufacturers and remember to clean thoroughly before consuming.

4. Lotus root

Lotus root
Lotus root is a product that grows in muddy water, so the inside may contain a lot of parasites.

Lotus root is a type of food that has heat, moisturizes the lungs, and beautifies the skin, so many women love it. But because lotus root is a product that grows in water, especially muddy water, the inside can contain a lot of parasites.

In addition, there are many holes inside the lotus root that will create conditions for parasites to multiply, if eating lotus roots that are not thoroughly cleaned, it will harm different organs in the human body.

So, please clean lotus roots as thoroughly as possible before consuming.

5. Lettuce

Lettuce is a common vegetable in life, it is rich in vitamins and carotene, which are good for eye health, physical enhancement, and health protection. But because lettuce usually grows in a humid environment, which easily produces a large number of bacteria and viruses, such vegetables also naturally become parasitic nests.

Therefore, it is best to choose quality lettuce, before eating, prepare and thoroughly clean the vegetables for safe consumption.

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5 types of vegetables contain the “nest” of parasites you need to know

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