5 ways to cure eyelid drooping to help you dispel your inferiority

5 ways to cure eyelid drooping to help you dispel your inferiority

If you feel inferior because your eyelids fall, try looking for a way to lift your eyelids for bigger and more lovely eyes. You can treat a drooping eyelid by changing your daily lifestyle habits in combination with medication and eye exercises.

Eyelid drooping is a medical condition that occurs when the upper eyelid falls below its normal position due to various causes such as the inability of the eyelid muscle to contract, the skin on the eyelids and the corner of the eye that has many wrinkles. aging … You can also experience this condition when suffering from other diseases such as nerve damage, Horner’s syndrome, myasthenia gravis …

In addition to treating eyelids as prescribed by your doctor, you should incorporate a healthy lifestyle that helps you support your eyelid droop improvement more effectively. Let’s refer to the following ways to treat drooping eyelids!

1. Use eye drops

If you find your eyes tired and weakened, you can use eye drops. Eye drops are often effective for common eye problems such as drooping eyelids, eye fatigue, red eye pain …

Using eye drops will help soothe eye strain, eye inflammation, eyelid inflammation, blurred vision, and itchy eyes. However, you should only use moderate doses because overuse of the drug can cause eye pain, change in vision, red eyes or eye irritation.

2. Give your eyes a good rest

Treat drooping eyelids by resting your eyes

Your eyes should regulate, be active and do a lot from the moment you wake up to the moment you wake up to bed. Therefore, you need to let your eyes relax and avoid tired eyes causing eyelids to fall.

The habit of sleeping on time and getting enough sleep not only helps your eyes clear, but also increases your alertness the next morning. In addition, you should not read books or work too long on the computer, but should rest your eyes for a reasonable time so that your eyes can regulate better.

When working so stressful that your tired eyes lack vitality, you can practice eye exercises to help you relax more gently and healthily.

You should get enough sleep and relaxing rest to avoid falling eyelids. The habit of working too long on the computer or reading a book in a dark room will make your eyes hurt.

3. Use foods that are good for your eyelids

Nutritious foods will be one of the great ways to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful. Therefore, when setting up the daily menu, you should add some of the following foods.

Take foods containing vitamin B12: You should take vitamin B12 for healthy eyesight found in seafood, meat, fish, meat, eggs, milk and legumes.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: In vegetables, fruits and vegetables contain many compounds beta-carotene and lutein, so it is very good for eyesight. You should add some fresh fruits and vegetables containing beta-carotene and lutein such as apricots, carrots, bell peppers, papaya, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, and radish …

Eat foods that contain antioxidants: Antioxidants help skin in the eye area to fight aging, not only helping to limit eyelid collapse, but also increasing elasticity and lifting the eyelids. Foods that often contain a lot of antioxidants are grapes, blueberries, dark chocolate …

4. Moisturize the eyes

treat drooping eyelids

The following eye moisturizing methods are also ways to help you regain beautiful big round eyes.

Eye patch with cucumber: This is an effective treatment because the acids in the cucumber will help flush excess water out of your eyelids. You put a slice of chilled cucumber on your eyelids for 15 minutes a day to see results.

Eye patch with aloe vera: First, you mix a mixture of aloe vera, pure yogurt, and oatmeal together. Then, add a slice of peeled cucumber to the mixture and mix well. Next, you apply this mixture to your eyes and let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Cover your eyes with chamomile tea bags: You can take a bag of chilled chamomile tea on the eyelids about 15-20 per day to increase elasticity of the eye area.

5. Practice eye movements

The following exercises will help you have healthy eyes and prevent drooping eyelids.

Facial exercises: You close your eyes and try to raise your eyebrows all the way up but keep your eyes closed. While doing this move, try to relax your facial muscles and not grimace. Each time you lower your eyebrows will be counted as 1 time. You should do this 10 – 15 times a day.

Exercise eye muscles: You raise your eyebrows up so that the brow bone is correct. Then, you blink 7 times and close your eyes tightly for 5 seconds. You do this 10 times a day and do this exercise daily to keep your eye muscles healthy.

Eyelid lift exercises: You can perform an eyelid lift by using two fingers while rubbing gently from the eye socket down to the eye and around the eye. You should do this 5 times a day.

Temporal acupuncture exercises: You use your hand to massage from the middle of the forehead to the sides of the temples and down the cheeks and then do the opposite to help circulation of lymph.

Exercises to combat dark circles: You can combat dark circles by pinching the skin gently from the eye sockets to move around the eyes to promote microcirculation.

Exercises to help reduce stress: You can reduce stress by pressing firmly on the sides of the eye sockets and closing your eyes for 5 seconds.

Practicing eye massage regularly will help you reduce eye strain while minimizing eyelid drooping. You should also take note of applying essential oils to your hands to reduce friction between your hands and skin before massaging your eyes.

Natural eyelid droppings are usually safe but require patience. Therefore, you should have a specific plan and seriously implement it to minimize the condition. If you find that your eyelids still fall despite trying many methods, you should go to medical facilities to have doctors find out the exact causes of eyelid collapse and help you to fix the condition in time.

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