6 bad habits that make your skin drier in winter

6 bad habits that make your skin drier in winter

Cold weather is the time to change your skin care routine. Here are 6 easy-to-get bad habits that make your skin drier in winter.

When the weather starts to get cold is also the time to change your daily skincare routine. In the cold season, skin care is more than just applying to the face of everyday moisturizers. To keep your skin beautiful and smooth during winter, you should understand the causes of dry and flaky skin to find the best solution for your skin.

Here are 6 bad habits that are wreaking havoc on your skin during the cold season.

Keep the routine of summer skin care

Your skin can dry and crack when it gets cold, so mild or non-oily skin care products will no longer be suitable. Instead, use products with stronger and thicker moisturizers to keep your skin moisturized. You should use oil-based moisturizers or lotions instead of gels because the cream will nourish the skin and help to exfoliate more gently, while the oil will act to strengthen the protective layer. skin.

Don’t use sunscreen

The cool and less sunny weather of the cold season makes many people think they don’t need sunscreen. However, think again because even though dense clouds block the sun, ultraviolet (UV) rays can still harm your skin, leading to the formation of wrinkles, redness, and hills. priming, sagging skin conditions and even skin pigmentation. So always bring sunscreen with you.

You can use a moisturizer with a sunscreen effect, or apply sunscreen before using the lotion. Experts recommend that you should use products with SPF 30 or higher.

Take a hot bath

In the cutting cold, hot water is everyone’s savior, but water that is too hot can strip the skin of natural oils, break the lipid film in the skin and lose its natural moisture, leading to dry cracking. Just take a shower with warm water and this should not take longer than 10 minutes. Also, remember to use a towel to pat dry after bathing, not rub it, and then moisturize your skin with an oil-based moisturizer or lotion.

Use products containing alcohol

Your skin loses moisture in cold and dry weather, so some acne control products such as acne creams, cleansers and acne toners containing alcohol are even worse. getting worse. If your skin is dry or sensitive, you should avoid products containing alcohol and highly bleaching cleansers.

Do not care for the lips

Winter comes and your lips will start to become dry and sore, so don’t forget to take care of them. Cold air can strip your lips of their natural protective film, making them unable to retain water. To prevent this, you should have yourself a vaseline moisturizer or lip balm to apply regularly. You should also remember not to lick your lips, because the enzyme in saliva can irritate, making the lips even more swollen and chapped.

Exfoliate the wrong way

We all know, exfoliating is a very important habit that helps to “clear the way” for moisturizers to penetrate better into the skin. However, exfoliating too much or using harsh scrubs can damage the membranes that provide moisture and block skin irritants. So you should only use a gentle exfoliating product once a week, then remember to apply a moisturizer or cream to keep your skin moisturized.

Each different weather requires different skin care. Above are 6 habits that accidentally make skin drier in winter that you should avoid for your skin to be properly and effectively cared for.

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