6 common masking ingredients you should be careful of

6 common masking ingredients you should be careful of

Before choosing the ingredients for the mask, you should have a clear understanding of the ingredients inside to avoid the risk of damaging delicate skin.

You can refer to a lot of masking methods online or in magazines and beauty tips to help you have smooth and white skin. Aside from the benefits of masking, however, there are some common facial ingredients that you should not use on your face. Because they also contain harmful effects that you can not anticipate if used incorrectly.

So, check out the ingredients you need to be aware of in the following masking ingredients!

1. Lemon

Lemon is a highly acidic masking ingredient

Most of us have probably used lemons as an important ingredient in lemon whitening recipes. Until you realize that this masking ingredient also has some potential for damage to your skin.

Although lemon juice has a whitening effect, its high acidity can cause a number of problems such as dry skin, sunburns, blistering and even sun-induced dermatitis (burns caused by reflexes skin effects when exposed to UV rays).

So, if you want your skin to become whiter or to limit hyperpigmentation, use specialized skin care creams or products for real results.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda mask ingredients

There are many facial scrubs you can apply at home with baking soda. However, This material has a high pH, which removes the required amount of acid on the face, causing skin dryness and oily production.

Baking soda is popularly known to be a natural exfoliating agent, but at the same time it can cause serious damage to your skin if used over the long term.

3. Chicken eggs

The habit of masking with egg whites will not be harmful to your skin. However, if you use it in combination with some other ingredients, it can cause side effects, because eggs contain salmonella intestinal bacteria and have a great impact on health. Although it is quite safe and tightens pores, if not stored properly, you will experience unsatisfactory results.

So, if you really want to wear an egg mask, you should go to beauty stores to choose some egg products with the right ingredients and good preservation.

4. Sugar and salt

Sugar and salt are ingredients to help exfoliate the skin

Sugar and salt are the simple exfoliating ingredients available in your kitchen. Just mix a little coconut oil with brown sugar, you have a mixture of body scrubs!

However, do not recklessly apply this mixture on your face. Because these nuts are too hard, the skin of the face becomes more sensitive, fragile and even causes scratches. Therefore, be very careful when using sugar and salt in body scrub formulas to avoid contact with your facial skin.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an ingredient in the mask

Many beauty bloggers believe that cinnamon is a great masking ingredient to remove acne, blackheads and help prevent hyperpigmentation.

However, if not suitable for your facial skin, cinnamon can cause severe sunburns, blistering, dryness and redness. Even many dermatologists believe that applying too much cinnamon on the face will cause permanent damage to your skin and there is no cure.

6. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is an ideal hair mask material

Mayonnaise is a very good hair mask ingredient, but it is not an ideal masking ingredient. Just smooth it on your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes, your hair will become smoother and softer.

However, if you put mayonnaise on your face, your skin will look greasy and greasy. Because the mayonnaise is too concentrated, it will clog pores and make the skin of the face more oily. Therefore, you should only use this ingredient to care for your hair!

It will be convenient to be able to make use of masking ingredients from the foods and spices available in the kitchen. However, do a thorough study of the ingredients and remember to test it on an area of ​​your body before applying it on your face!

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