6 mistakes when washing the face that makes the skin call for help

6 mistakes when washing the face that makes the skin call for help

In the process of skin care with all the complex steps, washing your face is the first step, simple and equally important to care and preserve the skin of women.

Skin always needs to be carefully cleaned to be ready to receive nutrients from the next layer of balm. It sounds simple, but not everyone wash their face properly, this will make skin worse.

Here are 6 mistakes when washing your face that has silently “destroyed” your skin, causing skin becomes dry, irritated and wrinkles gradually appear.

1. Forget to wash your hands before washing your face

Many people think that washing their face the wrong way is by choosing the wrong one cleanser or not washing their face, but in fact, there is a most basic mistake that most women make that is not washing their hands before washing their faces.

This is an extremely important step, but unfortunately, no one remembers and often skips when washing face. You should remember that our hands are exposed to a lot of bacteria and dirt every day, even when you wake up in the morning, there is no guarantee your hands are completely clean.

The mistake of washing your face is not washing your hands

Bacteria in the skin and nails will make washing your face a “success”. Therefore, the step of washing hands with soap is a very important step that you definitely cannot forget.

A tip for girls is to put a bottle of hand sanitizer right next to the cleanser so you don’t forget to clean your hands first.

2. Apply cleanser directly to dry skin

Another “deadly” mistake made by women when cleaning their skin is to put the cleanser directly on dry skin, apply it well and then rinse it off with water.

Apply the cleanser directly to dry skin

In fact, in creams and cleansers, there are chemicals that should not be used directly on the face, especially when the skin is dry.

The best way is to wash your hands, wet your face, then take a sufficient amount of cleanser on your hands, whip, then wash your face.

3. Wash your face too many times a day

Even if your skin is always in a state of greasy, continuous washing, many times a day is also a harmful mistake. Because the regular “cleansing” of the facial skin not only makes the skin irritated and drought, but also stimulates the sebum glands, making the skin sebum secretion more, causing acne.

Especially in the dry weather of autumn and winter, washing your face means “squeezing out” the amount of water on the skin, making them dry, tight, very uncomfortable.

wash your face several times

Grandmother Mona GoharaWashing your face several times a day can dry out the skin and cause it to secrete more oil to balance it, said associate professor at Yale University’s Dermatology department (USA).

Therefore, you should only wash your face twice a day, wake up in the morning to remove sebum and at night before going to bed to remove dirt and toxins from the outside environment.

4. Exfoliate every day

Exfoliation is the process of removing old cell layers, stimulating the production and growth of new, healthier cells.

Therefore, in skin care, this is an indispensable step to deeply clean the skin effectively, helping the skin absorb nourishing products better.

Exfoliate many times

However, this should only be done once or twice a week. If you exfoliate regularly before each face wash, your skin will become dry, irritated and sun-prone.

5. “Brushing” too carefully

Skin cleansing Careful is great, but washing your face and “scrubbing” for too long is another story. We often think that the longer we wash the face, the cleaner the skin is, in fact, the longer we wash the face, the clearer ingredients cleanser will accidentally remove the protective oil on the skin.

scrubbing hard

Plus, rubbing too much on the skin also causes skin Our sensitive skin is damaged too. If you experience an increasingly weak skin condition and easily irritated, red, the main cause is this.

Facial skin is inherently sensitive and “fragile”, so when you wash your face, you must be gentle and fond of it to get the best results.

6. Wash your face with too hot or cold water

In the summer, the girls often wash their faces with cold water, on the contrary, in winter, hot water is the top choice for girls. However, both hot / cold water is not suitable for the skin because it causes the skin to “heat shock”, which irritates and breaks capillaries.

Mistake to wash your face with too hot water

Dr. Michele Green – a cosmetic dermatologist in New York, said that if we use water that is too hot to wash the face, it will dry out the skin, and cold water makes the skin unable to open pores, so it is impossible to clean the skin. thoroughly, thereby causing problems such as acne, blackheads … Therefore, warm water is the best temperature for washing your face., Help treat acne and beautify the skin from the most basic step.

Above are 6 mistakes when they wash their face, Health CPN hopes to bring you the most useful information to care for and love your skin every day.

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