6 types of footwear you wear can be harmful to your health

6 types of footwear you wear can be harmful to your health

Not just high heels but some kinds of shoes you Carry Flats like sneakers, sneakers or flip-flops can also cause serious health problems. Toes, feet, or even back can be affected if you don’t choose the right shoes.

The average person travels about 245 – 292km in a year, so choosing the right shoes is very important for you to be able to move freely. But sometimes, you ignore the health factor just because you want to play with a pair of high heels. Shoes you wear if you do not choose them carefully, they can cause many unexpected harm!

1. Spike shoes

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Your feet will be uncomfortable if you wear pointed shoes, especially high heels, because these shoes are too tight and can put pressure on your toes. Not only that, but this shoe style also causes more serious harm such as nerve pain in the foot and causes calluses and blisters.

2. Flip-flops

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Flip flops seem to be the perfect choice for summer cruises because of their comfort and convenience. However, you need to think twice before deciding to wear flip-flops as they will rub against your toes and cause skin damage.

In addition, wearing flip-flops can cause ankle and knee sprains because the feet are not properly supported when moving. Besides, flip-flops also make it difficult to run and jump and make you feel more tired when moving.

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3. High heels

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Women love to wear high heels because these shoes help to show off, bring more glamorous beauty and self confidence. However, high heels also pose huge health risks. The habit of wearing high heels can easily lead to sprains, ingrown toenails, nerve damage and lower back pain.

If you want to wear high heels every day, choose a pair of beautiful high heels that don’t hurt your feet with a height of no more than 7cm. Be sure to have a pair of comfortable office slippers so you don’t have to wear high heels all day long!

4. Flat sole

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Not only high heels but flats can also damage your feet. This risk is due to the soles of the feet having an arch shape but the flat sole to not support the soles of the foot. As a result, you will experience pain in your knees and back if you wear flat soles too much. However, you do not need to remove flat sole, just buy medical insoles to support the foot.

5. Super lightweight sports shoes

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Super lightweight sports shoes should only serve sports activities such as running, jumping or walking. If you wear them every day, these shoes can affect your feet as they are too flexible and lightweight. To better suit daily activities, choose sports shoes that are stronger and more fit to ensure safety.

6. Boat sole

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Shoe soles often have thick, sturdy and difficult to flexible soles, so they are often not suitable for daily activities. These pairs do not support the movement of the legs, so they can cause leg pain or abrasion.

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Certain types of shoes you normally wear can cause pain, scratches or calluses, making it difficult to move freely. Your walk will be more stable if you have a pair of shoes that are just right and not too high for everyday use. Choose wisely to buy shoes to ensure health even when doing beauty.

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