7 reasons that cause you to lose eyelashes

7 reasons that cause you to lose eyelashes

Lately, you often lose eyelashes, so you don’t feel like your eyes are as beautiful as before? If you want glamorous beauty with curled lashes, don’t rub your eyes too hard or let your mascara go to sleep!

Many girls want to have attractive eyes and a charismatic charisma, so it is very difficult to invest in the secret “weapon” that is long and curved eyelashes. However, bad habits such as rubbing eyes regularly, abusing mascara for a long time, lack of quality of food … become the culprits causing broken eyelashes and gradually weakening.

So, find out what is more common than usual for eyelash loss so you can avoid it. At the same time, you should also immediately apply the secrets of caring for and protecting your eyelashes.

1. Lash loss because of hair pulling addiction

If you suffer from trichotillomania, the scientific name is trichotillomania, you will also easily fall into a shortage of eyelashes. The main feature in people with this syndrome is the feeling of wanting to pull out the hair, even tugging the eyebrows and eyelids in an uncontrollable way.

Tugging addiction can develop from habits like twisting your hair, brushing your eyelashes, or eyebrows. When you fall into a depressed and tired mood, people with this disease will feel comfortable after pulling, pulling hair, eyelashes, eyebrows … The disease can cause baldness, hair removal, and eyebrow loss. fine and stressful for the sick.

To prevent the habit of lifting your eyelashes, you need to learn to relieve and manage stress. Exercise or meditate to think positively and keep your body healthy.

2. Loss of eyelashes because of hormonal disorders

Disorders of the thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism are cases that can affect hair follicles, causing eyelash loss. There is also another type of autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata, which can also lead to eyelash loss. When that happens, the immune cells attack the hair follicles, causing the eyelashes to fall off. The same goes for hair follicles and eyebrow follicles as well as hair follicles.

You can support hair loss treatment by adding nutrients to your diet, using herbal shampoos, gently massage your scalp when washing …

3. Loss of eyelashes due to a mascara allergy

Mascara is an eyelash removal tool that helps to thicken, curl or lengthen the eyelashes according to your wish to make the eyes more attractive. However, most mascara products on the market often contain a lot of chemical ingredients in them. These ingredients can make your eyelashes fall out. In addition, the eye makeup removal process after using mascara is also easy to make the eyelashes fall out.

You need to choose the right mascara and do not use products that are out of date. Remember to curl your lashes before applying mascara to avoid the risk of your lashes becoming drier and more prone to breakage.

4. Loss of eyelashes due to blepharitis

Common diseases related to eyelash loss include chronic blepharitis. This is an inflammation of the eyelids caused by a bacterial overgrowth most often found on the skin. Another reason is obstruction of the eye oil glands or skin allergies. This can cause red, swollen, or itchy eyelids.

Also, eyelashes can fall off because we rub our eyes too often and forcefully. Instead of using your hands to soothe the discomfort, use a tissue or a soft towel to gently rub your eyes. If you feel the dirt getting in your eyes, use eye drops to rinse them off.

If you have blepharitis, you should see a doctor for treatment. Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands and do not rub your itchy eyelids to avoid spreading the infection and losing your eyelashes.

5. Loss of eyelashes due to drug use

loss of eyelashes

Research shows that oral acne products and some anticoagulants, cholesterol-lowering drugs, thyroid-balancing drugs … have side effects that make eyelashes fall out a lot. In some special cases, the eyelashes may be lost during cancer treatment or radiation therapy. Usually after stopping use, the eyelashes will grow back.

If you want your eyelashes to regrow more quickly, you can consult with your doctor about specialized support products after treatment.

6. Loss of eyelashes because of lazy makeup removal

Sometimes the cause of eyelash loss is simply sleeping with your eye makeup on. Especially when the mascara is well groomed and left overnight. This is what can cause eyelashes to fall out and can also lead to a bacterial infection.

To avoid losing your eyelashes, you should give up the habit of sleeping without removing your makeup. Alternatively, choose a gentle yet effective eye makeup remover that cleans sensitive eye areas without the need to scrub your hands.

7. Loss of eyelashes because of natural processes

In addition to all the above reasons, eyelash loss is a natural bodily process. Just as our hair naturally falls out and then grows back, so does the eyelashes. Various factors such as the external environment also cause lashes to fall out.

Every time you go out, especially on a motorbike, you should wear windshield to protect your lashes. You should also add some vitamins and minerals that stimulate hair growth and lengthen eyelashes, especially vitamin E.

Try to determine if you are experiencing any of the causes of eyelash loss above? Pay attention to preventive and therapeutic solutions so that you have healthy and beautiful eyelashes every day!

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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