8 amazing effects of daily cycling

8 amazing effects of daily cycling

What is the effect of cycling? What is the effect of cycling in the morning? Health CPN tells you 8 amazing benefits of cycling that you should not miss!

Cycling is a low-impact aerobic exercise with many health benefits. The cycling also has many different levels, easy for you to choose to suit your health and needs. You can ride your bike gently as a way of moving between places or practice intensive cycling for competition purposes or for health reasons.

Cycling is a great exercise to help you live an active life, not only for you physically but also mentally. Health CPN tells you about 8 great effects of morning cycling below.

1. The effects of morning cycling help control weight

help control weight

When cycling becomes a habit, especially if you cycle regularly at high intensity it can reduce fat present in the body, helping to promote healthy weight control.

In addition, when you exercise, it also increases the body’s metabolism, building muscle. As a result, your body will burn more calories during exercise.

2. What is the effect of cycling? Helps in muscle growth in the lower body

Muscle growth in the lower body

The effect of a morning ride is that it doesn’t just reduce body fat. It also helps the body to increase muscle mass in the lower body. More muscle also means your body will burn more energy during exercise. Thanks to that, your weight is better controlled.

Cycling improves the overall function of your lower body and strengthens the muscles in your legs without overloading them. Cycling strengthens muscles such as glutes, thighs, and calf muscles.

3. The effects of morning cycling help reduce impact on joints and risk of foot injury

3. The effects of morning cycling help reduce impact on joints and risk of foot injury

When you run, the joints of your legs fully bear the weight of your body. Being affected for a long time can lead to bodily injury. Meanwhile, cycling in the opposite direction, the body weight at this time will be by the front thigh muscle and the hind thigh muscle, the knee and ankle joints will be greatly reduced in pressure.

When the scientists compared the two groups of regular runners and cyclists, they found that the group of runners had a 133–134% greater risk of muscle damage, and muscle soreness 87% higher.

4. Improve mental health

Improve mental health

A YMCA study found that people with active lives had 32% higher mental health scores than those who were not normally active.

There are many ways that exercise can boost your spirits. Simply put, this is how you release adrenalin and endorphins from your body. In addition, when you practice, you will also become more confident when you reach new skills and goals.

Cycling is a combination of outdoor exercise as well as exploring new areas. You can cycle alone to enjoy your own time. You can also ride a bike with friends to expand your rapport and better bond with people with similar interests.

5. What is the effect of cycling? Helps healthier lungs

5. What is the effect of cycling?  Helps healthier lungs

This sounds unreasonable because when cycling, we must breathe the air and may be exposed to more smoke and dust than other people. But a recent study found that cyclists were actually less exposed to harmful smoke than people sitting in cars.

In a Healthy Air Campaign study conducted by Kings College London and the Camden Council, cyclists, walkers, bus riders, and car riders are equipped with the busiest routes in London.

The results showed that motorists were 5 times more exposed to polluted air than cyclists, 3.5 times more likely to pedestrians, and 2.5 times more likely to be bus riders. So we can see that when traveling by bike, we will be exposed to the least pollution.

6. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer

The effect of morning cycling increases your heart rate, helps blood circulate throughout the body better, burn excess calories for you to lose weight and stay healthy. Therefore, cycling is one of the exercises recommended by the NHS (British National Health Organization) as healthy exercise to help reduce the risk of serious heart diseases and cancer.

In a study of Glasgow UniversityThis has been confirmed. The study was carried out on 260,000 people, over a five-year period, that cycling to work could cut the risk of heart disease and cancer in half.

7. What is the effect of cycling? Helps for sex life

What is the effect of cycling?  Helps for sex life

We all know that having sex is a great thing, but few people realize that such fun is also beneficial to our health. Regular and regular sex is one of the ways to prolong the life of a person.

Dr Michael Roizen, president of the Institute of Health at Cleveland Clinic, said: “A typical man has an average of 350 orgasms in a year compared to those who only a quarter of their orgasms will. live longer than 4 years ”. Similar results have been published in the female studies.

Cycling will help us build muscle groups in the lower body. These muscle groups are essential for sexual activity. The more these muscles improve, the longer sex can be and better.

8. The effects of cycling improve the body’s balance, posture and ability to combine

The effects of cycling improve body balance, posture and coordination

When you try to keep the body and the bike from falling to one side, steadily moving forward, you also improve the balance between the body, the correct sitting posture, and the combination of sets. it’s destiny.

Your body’s balance tends to decrease with age or when you’re inactive. Therefore, maintaining the balance of the body is extremely important. It helps you avoid falls, injuries like fractures. When you are injured, you will not be able to practice sports. Such long breaks make your health even weaker.

Cycling is an incredibly easy exercise but it has enormous benefits for our physical and mental health. You can cycle alone, spend time enjoying the sights you pass by or simply have time to organize your thoughts. Try to cycle 30-45 minutes / day.

If you do not want to ride a boring bike alone, you can invite people and friends to join you. This way you can connect more with those around you, have more fun and motivation on the roads.

However, cycling can be dangerous, especially if you ride in high traffic areas. Always be careful, cycle in a bike lane or two wheeled vehicle. Also, always remember to wear a helmet to protect yourself during practice. When riding in the sun, it is also important to use UV-resistant clothing, wear cool stimuli to protect your skin and eyes.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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