8 common mistakes when using dry shampoo

8 common mistakes when using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is no longer too unfamiliar to us women. It is a great savior when you do not have time to wash your hair and still want clean and shiny hair. But one question arises: Did you use dry shampoo properly? Here are 8 mistakes when using dry shampoo that you may be making:

1. Only spray dry shampoo on hairline


You know very well that dry shampoo can get rid of excess oil from the roots of your hair, but did you know it can also handle hair wonderfully? Spraying dry shampoo on the hair below will make your hair fluffy and beautiful.

2. Comb your hair too early

Wait a moment for the product to remove any sticky hair, then brush.

3. You don’t evenly brush the dry shampoo all over your hair


After using the dry shampoo, use a hair comb so that the dry shampoo can be placed all over your hair.

4. You spray the shampoo on your hair without lifting it

In order for the shampoo to permeate evenly throughout the strands of hair, divide your hair into different sections and spray them over that part.

5. Try to puff your hair by trying to style it when you spray


Instead of all that, just turn your hair upside down by lowering your head, spraying dry shampoo and then flicking it back to its original position, and your hair will look thicker.

6. You only use dry shampoo in your hair

You can also spray dry shampoo on the hairpin before clamping it on your hair, which will prevent it from slipping off during the day.

7. Do not use shampoo for the roof

If you have roofs, be sure to spray dry shampoo on this part as well. Of course you need to spray shampoo moderately, because you probably don’t want to have a roof like the ladies of the ’80s. A little dry shampoo on the bangs will help keep your bangs free from clinging and excess oil.

8. Use dry shampoo every day

Don’t overdo this product! Using too much dry shampoo can have consequences such as clogged pores, acne, dandruff or dry, itchy scalp. Use this product a few times a week on non-washing days, and for the rest of the day wash your hair with a traditional shampoo to remove dirt from your hair.

If you are wondering whether to use dry shampoo every day, check out “Does Dry Shampoo Really Help You Clean Your Hair?” as you think

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