8 types of jewelry good for her health

8 types of jewelry good for her health

Not only men are confused when buying jewelry for the woman they love, but they themselves do not know which model to choose when going to the jewelry store! If you feel that any design is beautiful and shimmering, you can consider more about healthy jewelry to choose.

Every time you buy any type of jewelry, you will probably pay more attention to the meaning and style of that jewelry. However, each different type of jewelry has its own health benefits, so you can rely on this to make a more reasonable choice.

1. Bronze jewelry


Copper is necessary for the body to supplement the functioning of the bones, nervous system, joints and circulatory system. In addition to providing copper through foods (shellfish, nuts, chocolate, liver …), a small amount of copper can be absorbed through the skin.

Copper can be absorbed by the skin through copper jewelry, while copper can effectively reduce inflammation. If you have arthritis, you can wear a bracelet made of copper to somewhat relieve the pain.

Many studies show that, patients with rheumatoid arthritis after a period of wearing copper jewelry significantly reduced pain.

2. Silver jewelry


Although belonging to the group of heavy metals (along with lead and mercury), but silver (silver) does not contain toxins harmful to our health. In modern medicine, silver is used in many forms to treat diseases such as internal diseases, respiratory tract, rhinitis, musculoskeletal disease, skin diseases, allergies, helping to strengthen the immune system …

Silver is also one of the metals that can be absorbed by the skin and has many health benefits. Several studies have shown that wearing jewelry Daily silver can reduce bad symptoms related to bones and joints. Silver jewelry also helps increase the elasticity of blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and aids in maintaining a stable bone structure.

Silver can tell you if there is any malaise with the body by reacting to the glands in the body. When you see more perspiration than usual and the silver quickly changes color, you may have a hormone problem.

3. Gold jewelry


It has long been believed that gold has the power to make spirits stronger and prolong a person’s lifespan. In fact, gold jewelry has a positive effect on the wearer’s mood and confidence. Some studies also show that gold can act as an anti-inflammatory and slow signs of aging.

To always shine, every week you should use a soft toothbrush dipped in soap or toothpaste to remove dirt and sweat.

4. Rose pomegranate jewelry


Gemstones can bring a lot of energy and help you feel confident and relaxed in any situation. Garnet can help increase the strength and endurance of the body. So, you can try wearing this jewelry when you find your body is working under stress.

In addition, pomegranate ruby ​​is good for men’s reproductive health and for women it can help balance hormones. Pomegranate jade has also been studied to cure heart palpitations, lung disease and other blood ailments.

You will see natural ruby ​​pearl stones, when viewed with the naked eye, there are cracks, etc., impurities in the rock. When you apply real pearls to your cheeks, it feels cooler than poor quality stones.

5. Amethyst jewelry


The name Amethyst of amethyst comes from the Greek word Amethystos, meaning “not drunk”. The ancient Greeks often brought a quartz stone when participating in fun to avoid getting drunk. Nowadays, amethyst is also used to make a glass or a wine glass to make the taste of wine more special.

Purple is very good for the central nervous system, will help you get a sense of mental balance. Therefore, amethyst is one of many gems that can help calm your mood, calm your mood very effectively, especially in the case of you having a lot of anxiety or frequent mood swings.

In addition to wearing as jewelry, you can put a large amethyst stone in the room, usually the office for this stone to be used to relieve stress.

6. Amber jewelry


Amber (amber) has been used for pain relief for centuries as this gemstone is great for relieving headaches, throat and throat, especially when worn on amber ring on the neck. Some people also choose to wear amber bracelets to control the pain caused by arthritis and reduce fatigue and anxiety.

Many studies also show that amber has natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. But the health benefits of amber do not end there. If you often suffer from insomnia, poor sleep, you can wear amber jewelry to improve your condition. If you suffer from chronic insomnia, you should wear amber jewelry to sleep better and your mood is also better.

The amber is light and difficult to break but is very soft, so you should avoid rubbing it hard as it can scratch the stone. When not in use, you should store your jewelry in a separate container and clean it by gently wiping it with a soft, absorbent cloth.

7. Blue jade jewelry


Aquamarine was once worn by sailors to bring good luck in the sea. In addition, the ancient warriors also wore blue jade before joining the battle to gain more courage and enthusiasm. The shades of blue can also counteract hatred and jealousy between people due to the color representing peace and hope.

Blue jade jewelry can also bring positive energy to the whole body. Especially in terms of health, blue jade jewelry can bring many benefits to teeth, eyes and digestive system.

Blue jade has a very good calming effect, so if you often grind your teeth while sleeping or often feel uncomfortable or angry, you can wear blue jade to feel better.

8. Pearl jewelry


Pearl powder commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products can help brighten the skin. Medicinal pearl extracts can help reduce stress, eye fatigue, brighten eyes, cure osteoarthritis, support wound healing …

Pearl jewelry can also bring many health benefits, maintain balance in the body and bring positive emotions. In Asian medicine, pearls are also commonly used to treat diseases related to the digestive system and cardiovascular system.

Although there are only three main colors: white, yellow and black, but thanks to the ability to reflect and refract, pearl jewelry will bring different shades when you wear it.

Jewelry not only helps to enhance her charm and charm, but also a good support for her health if you know how to choose the right way. So when choosing to buy jewelry, do not forget to refer to the benefits of jewelry for your health!

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