9 red light daily exercises to help you feel better

9 red light daily exercises to help you feel better

Do you usually rest throughout the week when your period is due to fear that your body will get tired if you exercise? In fact, you can do these red light day exercises to feel better and better!

You can take a break from exercise temporarily if you have muscle aches or feel really unwell in you. However, if you allow yourself to rest for an entire week just because you are in your period, you really shouldn’t. By then, you have overlooked many benefits of exercising on a red light day.

Taking a month off workout will not only mess up your workout schedule, but will also cause you to overlook many of the benefits such as helping to reduce menstrual cramps, back pain, bloating and many other unpleasant symptoms among those “that day”.

If you know how to choose the right exercise, you can completely maintain your workout schedule without having to rest continuously for 5-7 days to finish your period. Here are 9 red light daily exercises that help with many health benefits that you can refer to.

1. Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are good for the heartbeat, helping the body regulate the heartbeat. Walking, jogging, or other popular cardio exercises can all help make your period feel lighter. The endorphins released when doing these exercises will help you feel less tired, relieve stomach aches, reduce headaches, and avoid cramps. Not only that, but your mood can be even happier.

If you are really tired from your period, you can allow yourself to rest for the first 1-2 days of your cycle and then come back to your workout schedule later.

2. Exercise HIIT

HIIT, also known as interval high intensity exercise, is also very beneficial for a red light day. If possible, instead of traditional cardio, you should exercise high intensity (HIIT) because this is the time when your body will easily drain more energy.

At the beginning of the cycle, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in your body drop. Therefore, a woman’s body can absorb carbohydrates or glycogen more easily than during the period when estrogen levels are high.

You will easily lose belly fat if you train at high intensity during your period, so you do not have to skip the HIIT exercise on a red light day.

3. Dance

The rhythmic movement can make you feel much more comfortable. On a day when the red light falls on a day off at home, don’t wait, turn on music and dance to relax. The free motion will help the joints to be more flexible, while dispelling the discomfort of red light.

The dance exercises help you improve your mood while burning calories effectively. Just jumping zumba for 1 hour will be able to consume up to 600 calories.

4. Weightlifting exercises

The amount of estrogen during your menstrual period is the lowest. That makes you feel more energetic when lifting weights. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t lift weights too hard. The reason is that the weight placed on the center of your body puts you at risk of cramps.

If you feel tired during your period, reduce the intensity of exercise as well as apply the right form of exercise to avoid injury.

5. Muscle stretching exercises

Stretching exercises like stretches can help relax your muscles and reduce cramps. Stretching when you bring your knees toward your chest in a standing or lying position can ease your pain during a red light day. Note that you need to breathe deeply through your abdomen to reduce muscle contraction and provide air to your organs.

You should stretch your body slowly, avoid excessive muscle tension and stay in that state for about 20-30 seconds.

6. Swimming

Relaxing in the pool is an easy way to prevent cramps and also allows you to move around gently. Swimming has the ability to increase blood circulation in the body, effectively reducing cramps. This has the ability to flex the joints and release pressure in the lower back.

If you have severe cramps and find it difficult to breathe, skip your swimming schedule.

7. Take a deep breath

You can take a deep breath in normal state or in a meditation or yoga posture. This deep breathing exercise will help you reduce the pain caused by cramps. Taking deep breaths helps relax your body, including the muscles in your uterus, where menstruation takes place to push blood out.

Deep breathing exercises will help relieve cramps, as this is caused by contraction of the uterine muscles.

8. Yoga exercise

Many yoga poses help stretch the lower back and the muscles around the pelvis, which often contract during your period. Deep breathing combined with yoga poses also help relax your muscles, making you feel more comfortable on red light days.

A regular yoga routine will help you reduce anxiety, anger or depression, while enhancing the overall health of women during the menstrual cycle.

9. Have sex

This is not really an exercise, but it can also effectively reduce cramping for you. When you have an orgasm during sex, the pituitary gland releases a substance called oxytocin, which causes muscle contractions in the cervix. This reduces cramps and helps blood flow to other parts.

Orgasm also secretes the hormone endorphin, which acts as a natural pain reliever, alleviating discomfort during red light days.

Unless you have cramps that increase pain, most of these exercises are very helpful to your body, even while you’re menstruating. Do not miss the red light day exercises to be able to experience pleasant menstrual days and stay healthy and beautiful.

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