A better body with just jumping rope

A better body with just jumping rope

What games did you play in the old days? It is a game of hide-and-seek, hit-and-shoot with friends in the same neighborhood or jump rope in all kinds of ways with single rope skipping, group skipping … Just as an entertaining game, jumping rope also brings many benefits and supports weight loss . Let Health CPN find out 7 benefits of jumping rope through the article below.

Jump rope helps prevent osteoporosis

You can add calcium to your body and keep your bones strong by taking calcium pills. But exercises are a more natural way to keep bones strong. Skipping rope helps to increase bone density and effectively prevent osteoporosis. According to the Indian Osteoporosis Association, jumping rope for 2 – 5 minutes a day can help strengthen, strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

According to another study, Olson said: “A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that young women jumping rope three times a week for 6 months increased bone density in their legs and lower body. of the spine ”.


Jumping rope promotes the body to release endorphins, bringing a feeling of relaxation and comfort. In addition, taking deep breaths while exercising “cleans” your mind, increasing your concentration and energy throughout the day.

Increased concentration

You may be wondering how a single rope can be good for your brain. We all know that exercise helps keep the brain active. Research in France has confirmed that jumping rope in the morning will keep your mind alert and energized for a working day. When you exercise regularly, your body will work faster and especially you will have a higher ability to focus than those who do not regularly exercise.

Burn a lot of calories to help lose weight effectively

Women are very interested in getting rid of belly fat so they can comfortably wear their favorite dresses. Jumping rope can be an affordable option for you. Skipping is one of the most energy-consuming exercises. It can help you burn 800–1,000 calories in an hour. If combined with other exercises, jumping rope also increases the body’s ability to burn energy throughout the day.

A few other benefits

According to doctors, jumping rope in the morning not only promotes blood circulation, protects the heart, increases living capacity of the lungs, but also promotes adolescent puberty, brain development. , is beneficial for enhancing health. Besides, jumping rope at night will help you have a better night’s sleep.

Types of jumping rope

2-leg closed jump

This movement warms up and warms the whole body. From there, it helps you perform the following dance styles more easily and conveniently.

Jogging and jogging

This type of gentle jogging through the rope will help you reduce thigh fat and lower belly, tone your buttocks while helping to lose weight effectively.


Pull one leg up and just dance with the other leg. This move will help increase the stamina of the legs, make the legs strong, and the thighs and hips are firmer and thinner.

Jumping hands crossed

Your feet begin in a basic dance position. When the wire turns over your head, you cross your arms in front of your chest and the rope near your feet will jump over. After jumping over, the hands return to their normal position, continuing to the next turn. Continue those actions for the next jumps.

Waist swing dance

Your feet are next to each other, knees and hips slightly arched, 2 handles on both ends of the wire, and the wire behind your feet. When you start the exercise, the rope is close to your feet and jump a little, while turning your hips and legs to the side. The next jump turns to the opposite side.

Jumping legs

This movement helps the thigh joint to be flexible, while also having a strong impact on the sides to help reduce excess fat so your waist will no longer have fat but become slimmer and more sexy. This movement you just need to count 2 beats: 1 foot-pinch beat, beat 2, two feet up to shoulder level.

Notes when you jump rope

  • Before training, you need to carefully move the knee joints, hip joints, especially the highly impacted positions when you dance such as wrists, arms, ankles, knees to avoid unfortunate injuries in at practice.
  • People with back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, pregnant women and people with breathing problems should not participate in skipping exercises.
  • You should jump rope on a wooden floor and it is best to wear soft shoes when jumping to avoid damaging the joints of the feet.
  • You should choose a wire with a plastic or wooden handle for easy handling, grip and control. The length of the cord is right for you.
  • Shoes are often overlooked in this sport, because you can completely dance with sandals, even barefoot. Use soft sole training shoes to increase resilience and increase efficiency in keeping your bust slim.
  • You should drink plenty of water before and after your workout due to dehydration in your body.

Time to perform weight loss rope skipping exercises

You should practice at least 3–5 times per week, with a minimum duration of 35 minutes. You should start exercising with a moderate intensity ((about 60-70 reps / minute), then gradually increase the speed and intensity of the exercise according to your ability.

During the first 3–5 training sessions, you should dance with both feet and do 2 beats for each spin (when you turn a wire around, your foot will land 2 times). Then gradually increase the speed and slow it down to one beat per spin.

If you dance in the morning, remember to warm up thoroughly to heat up the positions to avoid injury. Remember not to jump rope after 21 hours because as recommended, after this time the body’s organs fall into a state of rest, avoiding vigorous activity will not be good for health.

To have a satisfactory body shape as well as easy exercise, rope skipping must be a reasonable choice.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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