A safe way to remove moles can be done at home

A safe way to remove moles can be done at home

If you feel uncomfortable having a mole on your body, you can consider how to safely remove the mole at home after learning how to do it.

A mole is one of the basic identifying features that mark the difference between people. Some people have a mole in the corner of the eye while another has a mole in the arm, leg, or chest.

For many people, especially women, often perceive moles as a factor causing unsightly and seek to eliminate them. So, let Health CPN learn how to safely remove moles to beautify without adversely affecting the health of your skin!

1. Why should you delete the mole?

Besides the appearance of blemishes and freckles, moles are a normal sign of skin. You may notice moles appear on the face, neck, or any part of the body. Most of us can have 10–40 moles on the whole body.

Usually, the moles are benign and harmless. Therefore, you can completely keep it. However, if moles appear in specific places that make you feel inferior or depressed, remove these unwanted dark spots to regain your confidence. Also, if you experience frequent irritation or itchiness from rubbing moles on your clothes, removing the mole will make you more comfortable.

There are some situations where you may need to consider removing a mole if you notice a change in the mole. For example, if a mole suddenly changes in size, color, or shape, this could be a ominous sign of underlying skin cancer. In this case, you should go to a dermatology hospital to be seen by a doctor.

Before deciding to get rid of moles at home, you should learn about some safe and healthy mole removal remedies.

2. How to remove moles safely at home

How to remove moles

You can easily find a variety of information on home mole removal tips online. However, most of these measures have not been proven effective or even some of them have unpredictable and dangerous effects on health. See your doctor for advice before trying any of the following mole removal methods yourself:

• Gently take the mole over the heat with apple cider vinegar: This is a method that only works for moles in common areas like the arms and legs. You absolutely should not do for moles in sensitive areas of the face such as the tail of the eyes, nose and mouth.

• Apply fresh garlic to moles: You place fresh garlic on the mole and gently pat it so that the garlic nutrients help destroy the mole base from deep inside.

• Use of iodized salt: You can apply iodized salt over the mole to kill the cells from the inside.

• Get the mole filling with a razor: While this can help you get rid of the base of the mole, this can make you more susceptible to skin infections or soreness. Therefore, you should only perform this remedy under the assistance of a specialist doctor.

Several other home remedies have been shown to be effective in helping to gradually remove the pimple from the skin, while also fading the moles:

  • Apply fresh banana peels directly to the mole
  • Use tea tree oil to gradually remove moles from your skin
  • Apply frankincense essential oil to moles that need to be blurred
  • Mix baking powder with castor oil and apply to the mole
  • Aloe vera or aloe vera gel can also help remove moles naturally.

Besides the above remedies, you can still find over-the-counter skin creams at drugstores. To use this cream, you need to shave off the thin layer of skin on the outside of the mole, then rub the cream on top. Usually, these products promise that within a day of being applied, the mole will quickly scab. As the crust flakes off, you may notice that the mole has also disappeared.

Still not comfortable with home mole removal? Another safe way to hide moles is makeup! Applying concealer on your skin can quickly help you hide dark spots that make you lose confidence, while still being healthy and leaving no scars.

If you notice hair growing above the mole, you can remove it by cutting it off skillfully.

3. The health risks associated with home mole removal

Health risks of mole removal

Although some home mole removal methods are relatively safe, the best way to get rid of moles with peace of mind is with the intervention of a professional dermatologist. This will help you minimize the risk of unwanted health, and help prevent the formation of scars, after the mole has been removed. In fact, some topical creams can inadvertently leave you with little unnecessary scars.

In addition, getting rid of a mole using a razor or sharp object can in some cases be harmful to the skin. This can increase your risk of skin infections, especially if the tools you use are rusted or have not been disinfected.

Another risk you face when removing a mole at home is that you may not know exactly if the mole implicitly indicates an underlying cancer. Your mole may be a form of melanoma. Therefore, if you are not well informed, improper removal of moles can have a significant effect on your health.

You can look at the safe home mole removal methods mentioned above to find the right one for yourself. Before deciding to use any method, you should also consult a dermatologist to avoid unintended risks.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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