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Do you like food, do you like to eat, do you use energy, do you know what you are eating, So let’s talk about calories what is a calorie, The calorie is a unit of measurement yes that’s what it is, it’s not just something we consume and that’s all that it is, it’s just oh, it’s just something we know it’s a unit of measurement, it measures how much energy is in the little thing,

So if we talk about calories we actually talk about them in kilo calories which is a thousand, So really when you are eating 10 calories you are actually eating 10,000 calories, But don’t think of it like that because it kind of freaks people out but calories are a good thing because without calories we want to have any energy,

So then the question arises calories give us energy of course yes because a calorie is a unit of measurement for heat energy and so when we eat a calorie we use it for mechanical energy like moving around, we use it for heat energy, for staying warm, use it for chemical energy like inside our bodies there’s so many forms of energy we use calories in our body for but there’s only four places

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We Can Get Calories From Fats, Proteins, Carbs And Last But Not Least Alcohol


We Can Get Calories From Fats, Proteins, Carbs And Last But Not Least Alcohol

We Can Get Calories From Fats, Proteins, Carbs And Last But Not Least Alcohol

So let’s talk about these when each gram so we measure these units of fats, carbs, proteins and alcohols and grams so in each gram of fat we are going to get nine calories, it’s the highest density of calories that we can consume 9 that’s a lot especially when we compare it to the last two alcohol we will get seven it’s own separate category,

So if you drink out there watch out seven calories every time you drink a gram once you eat it weird carbs and proteins have four calories, So the lowest density of calorie intake you can get in one gram but they are the most important, So if you are trying going on a diet trying to like lose some weight or you are just trying to stay in the shape that you are you might want to consider upping the carbs and proteins as opposed to the fats because nine calories per gram, four calories per gram let’s try to find out the percentage of fat and snacks,

So if you are eating a yummy snack and say it’s like something super yummy that you thought about the other say and you were like maybe i should go eat that and then you ended up eating it and you find out there’s 200 calories in here, I know snacks are like 100 calories, snacks it’s a thing so just imagine 100 calories snacks stacked on each other and you are going to eat both,

So now we have 200 calories worth of energy here if we look at food like energy now let’s figure out how much energy we are going to get from fat, So we will take say there’s 10 grams of fat we will just do simple math 10 grams of fat and 200 calorie snacks of your choice whatever it is it’s like two snacks that are 100 calorie apiece I’m not going to judge,

So we have 10 grams of fat we multiply that by how many calories are in each gram of fat which is just 9 so 10 times 9 is 9 B so now we have 90 calories from fat in this little thing, so we will divide 90 by 200 which will give us almost 50 45% from fat, So if I’m looking at the snack I’m Like how much fats in here almost half of it, So that means the other two places i could be getting calories are from carbs and proteins,

So it’s only half fat and carbs and proteins is pretty low because it’s they make up almost half or they make up just over half, So that’s a pretty high fat if we try to figure out carbs and proteins we do the same we take the number of carbs they’re grams of carbs multiply that by four or the grams of protein multiply that by four take that number of calories divided by the full calories and we will get our calories from carbs or proteins.

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