Be careful when CoolSculpting non-surgical fat loss at home

Be careful when CoolSculpting non-surgical fat loss at home

Currently, many people prefer non-surgical fat loss methods because they are frustrated with traditional weight loss methods. Some people also try to apply the CoolSculting fat freezing method at home not only ineffective but also has many potential risks.

Cosmetic services have many non-surgical fat reduction methods such as using lipolytic enzymes, Liposonix ultrasound, CoolSculpting lipolysis … In particular, the CoolSculpting method based on the principle of cooling sounds easy to “imitate”. so many people try to apply it at home. Health CPN will join you to find out if this method is really safe when you do it at home.

What is CoolSculpting non-surgical fat loss method?

Non-surgical fat loss

CoolSculpting (also known as fat freezing or lipolysis) is a method of freezing fat to reduce excess fat without requiring surgery. CoolSculpting is usually done by a dermatologist or esthetician.

This treatment is for those who are looking for ways to remove excess fat cells in areas that are difficult to lose fat on the body such as in the arm, chin or abdomen … After treatment, fat cells are distributed. destroyed and will be gradually eliminated according to the body’s natural metabolism.

The main advantage of CoolSculpting is that it does not harm the skin and does not damage the surrounding blood vessels.

How to perform the CoolSculpting method at home

Since not everyone can afford CoolSculpting in beauty salons, many people have sought to mimic the procedure at home. Some forums popularize fat freezing using ice and other refrigeration products to save money.

“Lipo belt” is a popular product on the market for those who want to try the method of freezing fat at home. The belt has an ice pack inside and will be placed over excess body fat to freeze the fat using the CoolSculpting method.

Another simpler way that some people often pass each other’s ears is to use an ice pack or an ice cube directly on the body and wait there for the ice to “freeze” the fat. Many people also try taking a bath in an ice bath to fully freeze fat in the hope of helping to reduce the overall non-surgical fat.

Testing the CoolSculpting method at home is not only ineffective, but also has a lot of potential risks.

There are risks in doing the CoolSculpting method at home

CoolSculpting is “freezing” fat cells, but the actual process is not that simple. During professional therapy, the equipment used for freezing will be precisely controlled by computer and the cooling effect is monitored continuously. Doctors will know how to maintain the cold at a reasonable level to both promote the effect of fat coagulation, while not harmful to your health.

When doing the CoolSculpting non-surgical fat loss at home, you can only use ice primarily, but ice only makes your skin shrink because of the cold, but it does not remove any fat cells. You also cannot control the cooling temperature required to affect adipose tissue. In addition, home-freezing of fat can carry many risks to the affected area. You may run into a number of mild to severe problems such as:

  • Red, frosty skin
  • Painful sensation
  • Skin becomes more sensitive
  • Tissues can be damaged permanently

It is safer to do therapy with a specialist instead of doing it yourself at home. You may end up spending more money on medical treatment later than investing in a professional method of freezing fat at a salon in the first place.

The safe non-surgical fat loss method at home

In addition to therapeutic solutions at professional cosmetic centers, you can still safely lose fat at home with a healthy living routine.

1. Drink plenty of water

If you drink 0.5 liters of water, it can help increase the number of calories your body burn by about 24-30% in 1 hour after that. If you drink water before meals, it also helps reduce caloric intake, especially for middle-aged people.

Replacing calorie and sugar drinks with water is very beneficial for weight loss goals.

2. Eat plenty of fiber

Non-surgical fat loss

Foods high in soluble fiber can help increase feelings of fullness. Fiber will help make the stomach expand and promote the release of saturated hormones. The habit of eating a lot of fiber is also beneficial for healthy gut bacteria and helps reduce the risk of obesity.

You should increase the amount of fiber in your diet slowly to avoid bloating, indigestion, stomach pain, diarrhea …

3. Get enough sleep

When you get enough sleep, you can lose weight now and avoid gaining it again in the future. Many studies have shown that people with sleep disorders have a 55% greater risk of obesity. Therefore, you should schedule a time to ensure enough sleep 8-10 hours / day.

Lack of sleep interferes with the normal functioning of the appetite hormones, leading to a disturbed regulation of appetite hormones.

4. Brush your teeth after eating

Brushing your teeth doesn’t seem to have anything to do with weight loss, but it does. If you brush your teeth after eating, you will have less cravings for junk food. This is because the appetite will decrease after you brush your teeth.

Once you’ve brushed your teeth or rinsed your mouth clean, the urge to eat something more between meals is significantly reduced.

5. Enhance cardio exercises

Non-surgical fat loss

Cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling … are a great way to burn calories and help you improve your physical and mental health. Cardio is believed to be able to effectively prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as lose weight.

Cardio exercises are especially suitable for reducing fat accumulating around the organs and minimizing metabolic diseases.

Non-surgical fat loss treatments can give you more peace of mind by not doing the surgery. However, if you do not perform fat loss at home the wrong way, it can have many serious consequences. Therefore, you should determine the right fat loss method to quickly get in shape without harming your health.

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