Be careful when using wet towels to protect your skin

Be careful when using wet towels to protect your skin

Do you always have a packet of wet tissues in your bag? The habit of using wet tissues too often can hurt your skin!

Wet paper towels are used in many cases such as dust, sweat, face, hand wipes … Because of its convenience and soft feel, you can mistakenly think wet paper towels clean the skin. However, this abuse causes unpredictable harms when it comes to skin care.

Damaged skin when using a wet tissue

The skin is very sensitive and easily irritated, so the frequent use of wet tissues will cause serious harm to the skin:

  • Skin irritation: Using tissues can cause skin irritation, allergies, skin scabs, inflammation, and rashes.
  • Skin aging: High alcohol levels can make skin rougher, lose moisture, and prematurely age skin.
  • Eye damage: Use a wet tissue to wipe the area around the eyes, which are delicate, delicate areas that can cause pain.
  • Skin damage: Strong rubbing causes thinning of the skin.

Why wet paper towels are harmful to the skin?

Wet paper towels are suitable for travel activities, sports or picnics if you want to cleanse your skin quickly. However, wet towels must be soaked in certain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and health.

In addition, the stacked wet towels are the conditions for bacteria to multiply. Each box of wet towels is displayed on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores for about 18 months, so there is a high requirement for the level of preservatives, the alcohol concentration and the anti-bacteria ingredients.

The ingredients contained in wet towels can be harmful to your skin:

  • Dipropylene Glycol: Desiccant.
  • Propylene Glycol: Humectants absorb water to the skin, dissolving other substances but can irritate the skin.
  • Parabens: Antibacterial and antifungal agents, used as preservatives to prevent infection and limit the breakdown of active ingredients.
  • Phenoxyethanol: A chemical preservative in oil form, used in almost all skin care cosmetics, to help preserve product quality for a long time, from damage or mold.
  • 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Dio (Bronopol): Preservative and anti-microbial.

Solution for healthy skin

Use wet paper towels correctly

Wet tissue, if used properly under the necessary circumstances, will not harm your skin:

  • Choose a safe wet towel: Choosing products from reputable brands, pay attention to the ingredients on the packaging, the scent and the softness of the skin.
  • Do not overdo it: Use wet paper towels only in essential situations such as going out, traveling or where there is no clean water source.
  • Do not wipe on open wounds: Do not use a wet washcloth to clean scratched wounds that could lead to infection.
  • Do not use to remove makeup: Using a wet towel to remove makeup does not clean up the makeup layer, but also makes makeup and dirt stick deep into the pores, causing skin inflammation, creating conditions for acne to attack the skin.

Why is using makeup remover better than using wet paper towels?

The use of wet paper towels only removes impurities from the skin’s surface and thus has no skin benefits. Moreover, regular use causes many harmful effects to the skin. Meanwhile, makeup remover creams can moisturize and condition the skin at the same time and are less likely to cause irritation.

7 ways to smartly use wet paper towels

1. Only use wet paper towels to remove make-up when traveling

Wet paper towels can be used to remove make-up very convenient when traveling, especially for eye makeup remover. Choosing an odorless children’s wet tissue will be milder and safer.

However, you should avoid letting the water contained in a wet tissue fall directly into the eyes, which can cause irritation, irritation and damage. You should only use wet paper towels to remove makeup when traveling for 1-2 days to save time or because you left the cotton and makeup remover at home. Avoid abuse because it is not good for the skin.

2. Erase ink and paint stains

With housewives, it will definitely have a headache to find an erasure method every time children play with or scribble on sofas or tables. With the help of wet paper towels, you can erase the mark of ballpoint pens, pencils, crayons or paint from smooth surfaces (furniture, wardrobes …) and the baby’s skin.

3. Remove stains and cosmetics

Wet paper towels can be used to remove stains from clothing, furniture, even carpets. Many people also use wet paper towels to remove cosmetic traces on clothes instead of having to wash the whole garment.

4. Clean up any dust on the leaves

Certain indoor plants can help purify airborne toxins, dust, and dirt harmful to children, as well as metabolize some carcinogens. However, bonsai leaves are susceptible to dust and also need to be cleaned to thrive in a healthy way. You can use a wet paper towel to gently wipe the green leaves.

5. Clean children’s toys

Unfinished toys are the source of very dangerous germs that can be transmitted to children. Young children often hold toys in their hands or even put them in their mouths. You can use a wet paper towel to clean dolls or plastic toys regularly to prevent bacteria from harming your baby.

6. Grooming your pet

Pets that are cared for are always clean and healthy. Nowadays, many pet care services help you to re-groom their beauty. You can still quickly clean at home by using a wet paper towel to wipe the ears for cats, dogs … You should only wipe the outside, if you see pus in the ear, consult your doctor. veterinary.

7. Personal hygiene

When traveling, you should prepare a little wet tissue to facilitate cleaning your hands when traveling or while eating. However, you should pay attention to any injuries when using a wet tissue. Although it is of reputable brands, wet tissue also contains a small amount of chemicals to create odors or preserve … will cause pain and pain when it touches open wounds, scratches. Therefore, remember to note the origin and origin of wet tissue when buying.

Wet paper towels are only beneficial in certain cases, use them appropriately when necessary to ensure your skin is always healthy and beautiful.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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