3 Ways to boost Metabolism and Lose Weight

How to boost metabolism and lose weight at the same time? We all have have what’s called BMR which is a basal metabolic rate and that just basically means how much we burn calories at rest, Now the BMR is like a fingerprint, So we are all have our own BMR can we change it yes we can, so the one thing i would do one recommendation is first foremost you have to start off with your diet , now a diet is a key so eat less exercise more but again what type of food are you can put in your body to help you do that first and foremost you want to follow a diet that’s high in healthy proteins.

Tip #1: Eat Lean Proteins and Dietary Fats

Eat Lean Proteins and Dietary Fats

Eat Lean Proteins and Dietary Fats

Healthy lean and fiber and also to you want to reduce your overall sugar levels because too much sugar in the diet not saying watch a sugar in the diet because the too much sugar in the diet is going to actually make you store body fat and that’s going to pack on the extra pounds that you look into act that you are actually looking to reduce, so protein it’s been shown time and time again that protein,

Proteins are what called amino acids and we need amino acids excuse me for overall muscle regeneration recuperation that we burn every week of every weekend moment of the day, Now don’t forget your heat’s a muscle, So you need those amino acids to help replenish that heart tissue, but what type of quality of protein anything like wild cut, like game, like wild caught, salmon, wild caught like grass-fed beef, If you are looking for like an event good healthy organic eggs or even if you are into the protein shakes,

I recommend a collagen protein those are all lean protein sources to to help again to help boost your metabolism increase your basic mellow, but about great at rest, So you are burning more calories also fats, Now dietary fats that our body means for cellular metabolism and cellular function, Those fats will come in like forms like coconut oil because coconut oil is high in MCTS grass-fed butter is the grass-fed butters butyric acid that’s phenomenal for again long-term energy usage as well But also like fiber, So the products are good high like flax seeds oil, walnuts, almonds things like that those are high in fiber, So proteins and lead dietary fats and fibers in porn what you want to do this may sounds kind of weird but you want to spread your calories throughout the day,

Tip #2: Eat Small Meals every 3 hours

Eat Small Meals every 3 hours

Eat Small Meals every 3 hours

Which means you want to eat more frequently every three hours that may sound, that may not make sense when you actually feed your body more, What it’s going to do it’s going to speed of this metabolism, it’s going to speed up that BMR because in actually you are not going to have big meals every three hours you are actually going to consume smaller portions,

It’s all about portion size with a healthy balance of a protein and a fat because the goal is to stabilize your blood sugar when you only twice at a roughly let’s say on a 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. what you are going is that you are actually causing a sugar spike your cousins you know again blood sugar spikes and valleys, Now what that does to your BMR, It actually slows it down because your body is actually going into hibernation mode,

So your body know that it’s not going to be fed until another 12 hours later, So if you think about this logically if you only take in if you eat twice a day going to burn off those calories or you are going to save them most likely you are going to save them, So again tip number two you want to eat more frequently during the day and again a good balance of protein and protein to fatty acid proteins those fats to abilize that blood sugar.

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Tip #3: Increase lean muscle

Increase lean muscle

Increase lean muscle

You have to increase your lean muscle tone and mass on your body dies have modify who I’m talking to because for everyone lean pounds of muscle tissue you are actually burning 50 calories at rest, So if you multiply that if you have additional 10 pounds of lean muscle tissue on your body you are actually burning an additional 500 calories at rest because remember the more lean muscle tissue you have in your body is going to increase your BMR and that’s our main goal to help remember increase metabolism and lose body fat at rust because one increase that BMR, So if you have more lean muscle tissue on your body you are basically turn your body into a fat-burning machine while you sleep.

So three steps to help increase metabolism and this body fat at the same time

Tip Number one

change of diet is very essential you need to increase your lean proteins and dietary fats watcher sugars.

Tip number two

spread the calories out throughout the day eats more frequently with smaller meals every three hours, Because your goal here is to keep your energy levels common like at a level state because when you only feed your body twice a day what you are going to do actually slowed down the metabolism because your body know that it’s not going to be fed for another 12 hours.

Tip number three

You want to increase lean muscle tissue on the body because remember that for every one kind of lean muscle tissue you are burning additional 50 calories at rest, So those three steps will help boost the metabolism health blues body fat and you will be in bet you will be on the road to better health.

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