Decipher the fact that eating seafood and soy sauce causes keloids and bruises

Decipher the fact that eating seafood and soy sauce causes keloids and bruises

Many experienced people often advise you that you should not eat seafood and soy sauce when your body is having wounds because soy sauce and seafood will cause keloids and darken scars. So whether the above advice is correct or not, let’s decode it with Bach Khoa XANH.

For those who have had surgery and have not yet healed their scars, it is often advised that people should not use seafood and to limit soy sauce because if you use those foods, This will cause the scar to become keloid, dark and difficult to heal. But where did those advice come from, and are they actually correct?

first Eat soy sauce with dark scars?

In fact, the rumor that eating soy sauce after acne treatment and surgery will leave dark scars is completely unconfirmed from science.

According to nutrition experts, Soy sauce and other bean products, after being digested in the body, will form substances that the body can absorb such as amino acids, carbohydrates, salts and water.However, the pigments will be digested directly without being transported to the facial skin, so it can be concluded There is no substance in soy sauce that can affect the skin of the face and cause dark scarring.

However, from another study, there is an amino acid found in soy sauce called tyrosine. Tyrosine is an ingredient that can be found in most cosmetics, and after exposure to the sun, it turns into melanin – a substance that makes your skin dull And so if you have a wound that has not healed, the risk of developing a dark scar is very high.

So, while you have scars that are not completely healed, if you use soy-fermented soy sauce, limit your exposure to the sun or it will cause dark scars.

2 Really spoiled eating seafood causes keloids?

In seafood contains many substances and vitamins necessary for the healing process to take place faster, however, according to folklore and studies have shown that Using seafood such as shrimp, crab, sea fish, … while the wound is still in the process of forming young skin to create new cells, it will be easy to protrude meat and cause keloids.

To prove this point, Dr. Wong Wen Jun of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinics has said that certain types of seafood can interfere with wound healing such as Treated fish (dried fish, salted fish, etc.) and shellfish, can cause ulcers.

The reason why eating seafood causes keloids is that not all of the nutrients in seafood are ideal and suitable for our bodies. MSome types of seafood such as shrimp, crab, sea fish, octopus, … contain high sources of protein and when received into the body in large quantities will cause allergies that make skin wounds itchy , uncomfortableIt takes a long time to heal and leaves a keloid scar on the skin over time.

3 Conclude

Both soy sauce and seafood can cause dark spots and keloids in the skin However, for soy sauce, it will only cause dark scars when you use soy sauce and are exposed to a lot of sunlight. Therefore, no matter how attractive the seafood is, you should also consider carefully to avoid undue consequences for the skin. Except for those with open wounds People who are suffering from boils are also advised not to expose much to the sun and to stay away from seafood to avoid undesirable consequences for the skin.

The answers to eating seafood and soy sauce that cause keloids and bruises have been elucidated in this article. Bach Khoa XANH hopes that this article will help you learn more and stay away from harmful and harmful foods to your health and skin.

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4 What to eat to avoid scarring

You need to get plenty of fiber like eating lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Because they have many vitamins and minerals that help strengthen resistance, prevent inflammation.

You should also eat a lot of whole grains like legumes, which will help reduce itching and redness.

– In addition, you must take vitamins A, B, E as directed by your doctor to heal the wound.

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