Develop Speed ​​Punches – Muscle Fatigue Training

There are many reasons why martial artists have problems hitting their opponents. One reason is the lack of punch speed. Muscle fatiguing is one way to improve your punch speed. Here’s how …

Slow Punches

Do you have a lot of power behind your punches? Is every muscle in your arm tight and powerful? If so, then you are probably punching slowly. A lot slower than need be.

One of the keys to a successful punch is a punch that only tenses close the point of contact. Any tensing too early slows the velocity of the punch. So, how do you practice loose punching?

Tiring Out Your Muscles, To Improve Your Punches

Imagine being able to push a button on your arm and suddenly, you muscles lack the ability to tense. Would not that be great for your practice session? Try fatiguing your muscles. Here are a few suggestions of how:

* Lift weights. Choose a lighter weight, so you can whip off a lot of repetitions before tiring out. Maybe try military presses with dumb bells. Or flys. Possibly even bench presses.

* Punch. What does it take to make your arms as heavy as solid marble? 500 punches? A thousand? More?

* Punch a heavy bag. Try one-minute rounds, with 30-second rests in between. Keep going, until you can not lift your arms.

Now, Develop Speed ​​Punches

Once your arms feel like dead weights, it’s time to really start punching. Make sure you feel that you absolutely can not punch any more.

Then rest for a minute – no longer.

And start punching.

Let the punch fly out, loose – uncontrolled. Do this a few times with each fist and arm.

Next, with just a bit more control, try to make your arm like a whip. Loose, relaxed, almost snapping at the end, because it gains so much speed.

Practice these whip punches as long as you are capable. During this session, do not add back in control. You read that correctly. Only exert enough control to be able to cause a speed whipping action. No more. You want both your mind and your muscles to remember this whipping action.

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Then, when you can not punch any more. Rest … for a day or two.

The next time you return to your punching exercises, you are going to practice more realistic punching ….

Practice your regular punches, but this time, imagine the whipping motion of the punch. In other words, superimpose the memories of the loose punch on the controlled punch that you are practicing.

If that imagery does not work for you, if your punches do not improve when you imprint your loose punch on your regular one, then try imagining that your are punching regularly, but you are relaxing control just a bit – enough to add speed. Try to combine the feeling of a loose speed punch with your regular punch.

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