Choosing Dairy – Best For Diabetes

It is very important to look at those food labels and read the nutrition information panel. There are three things you need to identify when choosing a goujian’s these are the sugar content, the fat content and also is it a great source of calcium also remember that surplice that you are going to eat of the yogurt because it could be misleading, So once gain when we look at the labels we are looking at per 100 grams, So we can compare apples to apples and look at the sugar in the yogurt because if it’s a plain yogurt it is lower in sugar for diabetes patients,

But Beware Where You’ll See Hidden Sugars

But Beware Where You'll See Hidden Sugars

But Beware Where You’ll See Hidden Sugars

Is the yogurt steps have lots of fruit added or that might have flavors, sweeteners and it can really blow out that sugar content in the yogurt, Always look at he total carbs because that will include the sugar content of the portion that you are going to do in this case excite low three point three grams of sugar and the total carbohydrates is corporate to the ballpark figure for a snack for example is 15 grams of total carbohydrates per serve this certainly fits into that portion if you keep to 100 grams though,

So in this case the fat content as a total is 9.7 and of that 6.5 grams deep saturated fat, So it is a little bit on the high fiber saturated fat but in reference to the total fat poster 5 grams for a snack maybe up to 10 grams just checking the type of fats that you are keeping to a hundred grams per serve and then most importantly the calcium content because we eat dairy for your bones this importance have a great source of calcium,

So we know that what we call a ready reckoner in the what to eat world calcium at 250 milligrams is one serve and from men and women and even our children we need to aim for at least 850 to 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day as a rough ballpark figure, So in this case hundred grams of yogurt will be 298 milligrams, So we are there and even adding a few nuts might help lift that calcium and even more but definitely look out for enough calcium in your serve.

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Yogurt for Diabetes

  1. Choose a yogurt which is higher in protein
  2. Keep total sugar content to less than 15g per 100g
  3. Keep total fat content less than 10g of fat per 100g and choose lower saturated fats
  4. Aim for calcium content of 250mg per serve or more

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