Eat butter to lose weight, right or wrong?

Eat butter to lose weight, right or wrong?

Many people think that eating avocados for weight loss sounds a bit ridiculous, because avocados are very high in calories. However, eating avocado in moderation will help you lose weight effectively.

Avocado is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients and beneficial fats. How can this fruit help you lose weight?

Nutritional content of avocados

Avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, and beneficial fiber. 100g of avocado (about half an avocado) provides about 160 calories.

In 100g of avocado includes:

  • 26% volume vitamin K daily recommendations
  • 20% volume folate daily recommendations
  • 17% volume vitamin C daily recommendations
  • 14% volume potassium daily recommendations
  • 10% amount vitamin E daily recommendations

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Avocados also contain fairly high amounts of niacin, riboflavin, copper, magnesium, manganese and antioxidants.

Avocados are low in carbs and are an excellent source of fiber. The serving of 100g of avocado mentioned above includes only 9g of carbs, of which 7g comes from fiber.

Unlike most other fruits, the fat percentage in avocado is quite high (15% by weight).

Eat avocado to lose weight?

The answer is yes. You absolutely can successfully eat avocados for weight loss if eaten in moderate amounts, thanks to the following reasons:

Avocado helps you feel full for a long time

Foods high in fat or fiber help you feel full for a long time, reducing hunger. This is partly because fat and fiber slow down the digestion of food in the stomach, making you feel full for longer. Since they are still full, people will eat fewer calories.

Avocados are also a rich source of beneficial fats and fiber, so eating them will take a long time to fill. Many people choose to eat avocado for weight loss also for that reason.

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Research on avocado diets

One study was conducted on the effect of diet (including avocado) on appetite in overweight and obese subjects.

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People who ate half an avocado for lunch had a reduced desire to eat, and the effect lasted for up to 5 hours. The effect is most noticeable in the first 3 hours.

Satisfaction in the study participants also increased by 23% compared to when they ate a strictly controlled meal with no butter in it.

From the results of the above study, we can see that avocado regulates appetite and helps in weight loss.

In short, avocado is high in fat and fiber, so it will help you feel fuller for longer, more satisfied, without hunger or cravings for more.

Avocado helps to maintain weight

People who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to gain less weight and lower weight than others.

A recent study found that people who eat avocado have a healthier diet, have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome and have a lower body weight than those who don’t eat avocado.

Furthermore, there is no definitive information on how to avoid avocado while losing weight. In fact, another study found that when replacing 30g of fat from avocado with 30g of fat from another source, the subjects participating in the study lost the same amount of weight.

The monounsaturated fat in avocados in addition to improving heart health seems to have many other effects:

  • These fats themselves are burned faster than other fats
  • Increases fat burning rate
  • Causing the body to burn more calories after eating
  • Decreased appetite / appetite

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Avocado helps fight weight gain

Some preliminary evidence suggests that avocados can help fight weight gain:

  • In one study, rats fed avocado meal ate less food and gained less weight than a control group.
  • In the second study, rats given avocado extracts on a high-fat diet had less fat gain.

These studies are particularly interesting, because the powder made from avocados or avocado extracts used in the two experiments above is fat-free. This means that in addition to the beneficial fats, there are still certain ingredients in the avocado that also help reduce appetite and prevent weight gain.


Basically, the more calories you take in, the easier it is to gain weight. Avocado is relatively high in calories, so if you eat a lot, it not only will not lose weight but also make you gain weight. Sometimes you just find avocado delicious and want to eat more without realizing that you have loaded too many calories.

Avocados are high in calories because they are relatively high in fat. At the same volume of 100g, strawberries contain 32 calories while avocado contains 160 calories.


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Avocado is rich in nutrients and has good body composition. Avocado is an effective weight management food. However, due to its relatively high fat and calorie content, eating too much avocado will cause weight gain. To ensure weight loss avocados work, you should include a reasonable amount of avocado in your diet (about a quarter to a half an avocado per day).

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