11 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Inflammation and foods that are causing inflammation why is that important and say this is something that is interesting to you at least hang on, lots of the foods out there are not real foods anymore the way they are processed right now and we are not getting nutrients and things that they are just very artificial and, So if you suffer from chronic pain fibromyalgia becker’s chronic pains you should be really considerate about these foods because they can aggravate the condition and make symptoms worse, So you should really be trying to reduce or eliminate these foods completely and so just let’s stroll into and like some of these foods i will be giving you things that to rest only avoid foods that cause Inflammation.

1. Three P’s Foods Processed Packaged Prepared foods That Cause Inflammation

So fast foods come in that category as well and you have all this harmful oils, sugars and artificial sweeteners additives and all other masked ingredients, so this is something that cause inflammation and really bad for your body.

2. Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats Cause Inflammation

Such as margarine a large shortening your products and let’s we actually use those in all the baked goods they are using grocery store, So the baked goods in grocery stores are using that in other cookies and bunny buns and pies and so unless you are baking yourself you can imagine like all these additives and chemicals are added to these foods so definitely to avoid.

3. Fried Foods Cause Inflammation

we are using oils that are just bad. when they are heated so definitely something to avoid fried foods six links to all sorts of problems it really should be avoided, it’s kind of hard to do because everything is fried now a days and when you go into restaurants all the popular meals are fried but it’s something to watch for.

4. White sugar and sweetness Cause Inflammation

So in all your soft drinks juices and if you are having craving for something sweet it’s always better to end just go for fruits rather than that.

5. Synthetic sweeteners Cause Inflammation

So all of your splendid saccharine aspartame neutral sweet and they are all linked to very serious health conditions and in some them really on packets are from aspartame and saccharine you will have it causes cancer in laboratory animals i mean what more proof do you need that these are bad for you.

6. Needs and So kind of use meats end up

Saying to be like vegan or vegetarian but use them as a background of your meals and make that fruit and vegetables like the main portion because and of course when you are using meats and fishes vision to the world cause, we need to be careful that it’s always and draft fed and organic and we are still taking calls and high inflammation.

7. Iodized Salt Cause Inflammation

So salt you know try to get like something natural like a celtic sea salt instead.

8. Food Additives Cause Inflammation

All the coloring flavor enhancers stabilizers preservatives sulfates and benzoate and unfortunately in many foods that we give to children and all these are found in so and something to look for as well.

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9. Wheat Cause Inflammation

It’s very high in GMOs genetically modified food and so it’s very um it’s forming acid in your body and we know that like forming ashes you are making body of your immune system you are weakening your immune system, and your body needs to be slightly alkaline and it’s highly inflammatory as well and then any other gluten so as far as grains you know you should maybe try it using key normally like a better way to use these grains than just like a regular ones that are high in gluten.

10. Alcohol Cause Inflammation

It’s very high in sugar and also tart on our liver.

11. Milk and dairy Cause Inflammation

Very high inflammatory and So to basically to substitute our judgment to go for probably almond milk, coconut milk and one of those are not a big fan of soy either and because it’s mostly GMOs so even though it’s organic it’s probably GMO so like out stay away from that, so these are foods like really should be looking into to avoid foods that cause Inflammation.

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