No More Bloating ( 8 Foods That Fight Constipation And Gas )

I know constipation isn’t the most appetizing of topics, but having it sure isn’t fun man for one it’s extremely common affecting 42 million people in the United States, now i know each of us has different bathroom habits right,

but most experts will agree that three or fewer bowel movements per week could indicate a problem especially amongst older men and you and although constipation can be caused by medical condition like hypothyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease medications like painkillers and antidepressants and other factors,

that may be out of your control for most of us it’s caused by what we’re eating or rather what we are not eating in fact the number one cause is not consuming enough soluble and insoluble, now listen soluble fiber traps water in your stool, while insoluble fiber bulk sit up together they help the waist move more smoothly through your intestines and colon and eventually right into the toilet,

where it belongs now when you don’t eat enough fiber rich fruits and veggies and nuts and whole grains on a regular basis it’s really easy to become constipated, now on top of all that you could also be dehydrated water is great man but even guzzling water won’t prevent constipation if your diet is lacking in fiber and when that happens you can just add a few natural remedies into your diet that can help get things moving pun intended, now i am going to show you eight foods that will help relieve constipation and gas.

1. Prunes For Constipation and Gas


Prunes For Constipation and Gas

Now one these are rich in fiber the nutrient is what increases the ball of your stool, so it can along its merry way and not your body, now one purne has about one gram of fiber they also have frog tans and sorbitol, now these are fermentable sugars that can have a laxative effect, so that just will help you move right out of the system all the junk that’s been stuck in there, Prune will relieve constipation and gas.

2. Kiwi For Constipation and Gas

Kiwi For Constipation and Gas 

Kiwi For Constipation and Gas

I love kiwi but one downside to some of the fruits is that they contain a lot fructose which is fruit that can cause Constipation and Gas which is why i suggest that you stick to high fiber low sugar fruits like this that don’t give you a bloated stomach right, now a Kiwi offers 5 grams of fiber plus you get other really good nutrients that are great for your body like more than double your daily dose of vitamin c.

3. Oranges For Constipation and Gas

Oranges For Constipation and Gas 

Oranges For Constipation and Gas

Now i recommend skipping the orange juice okAY and eating the fruit it self instead this is because most orange juice products are loaded with unnecessary added sugar which is going to cause weight gain in further your constipation problems,

plus one large orange contains 4 grams of fiber for just 86 calories in this bad boy right here, now a bonus to citrus fruits they contains a flavonol called narron jenin which Chinese researchers in an animal study found could work like a laxative to help treat the issue of constipation and gas.

4. Boom Oatmeal For Constipation and Gas

Boom Oatmeal For Constipation and Gas 

Boom Oatmeal For Constipation and Gas

Now as far as fiber goes this has the best of both worlds 1/2 of cup of dry oats contains two grams of insoluble and two grams of soluble fiber,

now the insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool and helps foods pass more quickly through the stomach and intestines,

while the insoluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a kind of like a gel like material, now together the two types of fiber works together to bulk up your stool in to soften it to make a pass right through your body out of your gut.

5. Aloe Vera Juice For Constipation and Gas

Aloe Vera Juice For Constipation and Gas

Aloe Vera Juice For Constipation and Gas

Aloe vera can act as a laxative just for some people in fact aloe vera was traditionally included in laxative products, now i suggest that if you want to try allergies start with about two ounces and work your way up to eight.

6. Boom Spinach For Constipation and Gas

Boom Spinach For Constipation and Gas 

Boom Spinach For Constipation and Gas

It’s good for your muscles but not only does one cup of cooked spinach pack four grams of fiber but it also is an excellent source of magnesium, now the mineral magnesium helps the colon contract and also helps draw in water to flush thing through,

In fact in some cases many over-the-counter laxative products actually contains magnesium, now before you go that route through it couldn’t hurt to add more magnesium rich foods like this into your diet first food is your best medicine that in mind.

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7. French Fry Green Beans For Constipation and Gas

French Fry Green Beans For Constipation and Gas 

French Fry Green Beans For Constipation and Gas

There it is if regular beans are too tough on your stomach you can try green beans now they are very different from traditional beans and this is the reason why they have lower amounts of protein and carbohydrates,

But they still contain four grams of fiber per one cup serving making these bad boys right here a really good constipation fighter, now better yet they contain fewer fermentable sugars so they likely won’t come with the gassy side effect that regular beans have so these are a great alternative to regular beans because they won’t ferment your body.

8. Greek Yogurt Plain Nonfat For Constipation and Gas

Greek Yogurt Plain Nonfat For Constipation and Gas 

Greek Yogurt Plain Nonfat For Constipation and Gas

Because many yogurts contain live active bacterial cultures or probiotics, now probiotics are huge it’s because they replenish the good bacteria in your gut and gut health is super important okay,

so that can help with your entire health of your GI system your gastrointestinal system in fact in one meta-analysis in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 probiotics like what’s found in this NGO gert right helped increase the number of bowel movements by 1.3 per week,

now sorry for the mental image i am about to give you but it also improved the consistency to making things more comfortable when you finally get rid of all of that crap that’s built up in your body now just be sure to watch out for the hidden sugars,

like i said in these yogurts because the more fruits are added in the more sugars you are added in try and go if you can’t the option is always there and it’s always available because there are no added sugars and you can easily enhance this stuff yourself by just adding some fresh fruit, now here’s what i want you to do guys for Constipation And Gas.

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