For motivation, see the following 6 unexpected benefits right away

For motivation, see the following 6 unexpected benefits right away

Exercise is very healthy, especially running. Knowing the unexpected health effects of running, you will have immediate motivation to run every day.

Jogging helps good health and reduces the risk of dangerous diseases such as heart disease, fat, diabetes … Here are 6 great benefits that Health CPN suggests to help you have more motivation to jog.

1. Jogging is one of the evolutionary traits of humankind

If you believe in the school of evolutionary thinking, then running is fundamental to humans. In a time when we didn’t invent rocket launchers like spears and darts, men sought for food using a technique called running persistence hunting. The group of hunters would rely on their strong stamina to hunt for prey for hours until it slowed down from exhaustion.

2. The runner is more likely to become the ideal partner

The scientists found that those who finished faster tended to have a stronger libido and a higher sperm count. In addition, the ability to run stably is linked to fertility in men.

3. Joggers have clearer thinking

Scientists have also found that the running process effectively energizes the body, improves memory and learning.

There is a protein in the body called the estrogen receptor gamma (ERRĪ³) that controls the release of energy to muscles and brain. Marathon helps the body produce more ERRĪ³ and improves results on memory tests.

4. Joggers tend to be happier

Athletes have long claimed that running helps them feel better. Jogging clears the kynurenine in the blood that builds up during stress and leads to depression.

In addition to running, other types of exercise such as lifting weights and cycling can also have the same positive effects. Skeletal muscle has antioxidant effects, so when active can protect the brain from mental illness.

It is also believed that exercise encourages the body to release serotonin, a substance that improves mood, makes people happier. Super marathon runners also feel serotonin waves in their bodies as they run.

5. Jogging protects the body from cancer

Usually, an active lifestyle keeps your body healthy, but running seems to be especially beneficial when it comes to preventing cancers.

People who are less physically active are most likely to develop cancer. And those who jog – or exercise at a similar intensity – for about 30 minutes a day are the people who are least at risk, with a 50% lower risk of dying from early cancer.

6. Jogging enhances hearing

According to a study at Bellarmine University in Kentucky, USA, jogging increases blood flow to your ears and helps you hear better. The study concluded that people with higher respiratory and cardiovascular function hear better at both high and low frequencies. Women who do a lot of aerobic exercise up to 6% more likely to hear than others

Jogging has been an indispensable part of human life since ancient times. Jogging has many benefits, so you should be diligent in jogging and regular exercise to have the healthiest body!

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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