Fun fact: Daily jogging is better than gym

Fun fact: Daily jogging is better than gym

Daily jogging has many long-term health benefits for runners. Increased movement helps the body be stronger, more supple and longer life expectancy.

Walking weights and gym machines may sound heavy compared to running, but the gym offers benefits that running alone won’t get you. In contrast, running has its own benefits. Understand all the benefits of running, you will probably want to start running now.

1. Daily jogging helps to prolong life

Joggers usually live longer than usual. In an internal medical study that followed about 1,000 adults (50 years and older) for 21 years, it found that 85% of runners were healthy while only 66% did not run. set alive.

2. Jogging improves mood

Many people feel more excited when jogging because when running, the brain releases endocannabinoids – cannabis-like molecules that help runners feel happy and excited.

Jogging for 30 minutes every morning for 3 weeks improves the quality of your sleep, your mood, and your ability to focus.

3. Jogging helps you absorb vitamin D

Our body absorbs vitamin D mainly from the sun. However, most people today spend time indoors, causing a spike in the proportion of people with vitamin D deficiency. Outdoor jogging not only helps absorb vitamin D but also fight depression, prevent type 2 diabetes and help strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis.

4. Jogging helps burn calories very fast

The average hour of gym burns about 300 calories. A typical hour of running can burn twice those calories, and an hour of treadmill exercise (set to a fast pace) can burn an average of 705 to 865 calories. Stair lifters, rowing machines and on-site bikes all burn fewer calories.

5. Jogging helps bones strong

Unlike aerobic exercise, jogging helps to replenish and rebuild bones and muscles in the body. Swimming, cycling, and ellipticals won’t help you train your bones, so your bones can be weak or thin if you do the exercises alone.

6. Daily jogging helps you to achieve your goals

Daily jogging helps to train you in your goal direction. When you run, you will always have to work hard to fulfill your goals, including the requirements of time, effort and persistence. The way of thinking and the effort spent in the running process can help you in your career, financial and personal goals.

7. Jogging makes you more resilient

You have to do a variety of gym exercises to help your body stay flexible, while just running you can do this. Jogging helps to forge strong body and spirit, thereby helping you in all other areas of life.

Daily jogging doesn’t harm your knees, but has the opposite effect. Jogging, including a marathon, helps reduce the risk of arthritis of the knee. This may be because jogging promotes nutritional circulation to the cartilage, while strengthening the ligaments in the knee joint area.

8. Jogging helps to boost the immune system

If you start to feel sick, 30 minutes of gentle jogging can stimulate your immune system, helping to fight off the cold before the onset of a cold. Or if you do have a cold, it will be much milder than usual.

9. Jogging improves cardiovascular health

Currently, aerobic exercises are the most effective exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and jogging is also considered an aerobic sport. Improving respiratory capacity will help keep the heart healthy, while helping to lower resting heart rate, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

10. Jogging every day helps you have healthy eyes

Usually no one thinks about vision when it comes to the benefits of exercise, but according to a 2013 study, running more than 8 km a day reduced the chance of getting cataracts by 41%. The main factor causes the elderly to lose vision or become blind. It will be difficult to improve your eyesight if you just exercise.

Not everyone has time to do all the gym exercises, but increasing daily exercise through running not only improves fitness but also improves cardiovascular health. The more diligent you practice from now on, the more enduring you will be and the more you do not worry about illnesses in your old age. So why don’t you plan to run right away ?!

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