Get rid of inferiority thanks to 10 effective treatments for acne

Get rid of inferiority thanks to 10 effective treatments for acne

Join Health CPN to learn 10 most effective treatments for acne, from over-the-counter (OTC) products, using prescription medications to intensive therapies.

Blemishes (also known as acne hyperpigmentation) are blemishes that appear on the skin after the pimple is gone. Although blemishes are not harmful to the skin, they are difficult to treat completely. On average, it takes 3 to 24 months for the bruises to fade, in some cases taking longer. Time depends on the difference between the color of the skin and the color of the affected area – the more discrepancy, the longer it takes to rebalance.

If you’re in the fight against post-acne bruises, you’re not alone. In order to beat them, you should choose the appropriate treatment based on your skin condition. Consult a dermatologist for the best therapeutic effect.

1. Use vitamin C to treat acne

Vitamin C treatment of acne

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep both inside and outside of the body healthy. It is known by many names, including: ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, L-ascorbic acid has the ability to reduce signs of blemishes and even correct skin tone (tone) by boosting the body’s collagen production.

2. Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, azelaic acid is a good choice if you’re dealing with inflammatory and post-acne blemishes at the same time.

It helps reduce the number of acne-causing bacteria on your skin and keeps your pores clear. Besides, this active ingredient also works to lighten, fade pigmentation, freckles, brown spots, dark spots on the skin caused by acne … by breaking down dark pigmented structures.

3. Mandelic acid

Mandelic acid

Mandelic acid is a form of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), derived from almonds. It is often combined with other ingredients to treat aging wrinkles, uneven skin conditions and inflammatory acne.

This active ingredient has 5 main uses:

♦ Exfoliate dead skin

♦ Anti-inflammatory

♦ Brightens skin

♦ Stimulates collagen production

♦ Cell regeneration

4. Kojic acid

Mandelic acid

Extracted from a fungus that is produced by the fermentation of rice or rice wine, kojic acid is considered a natural detergent. It works by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase that produces melanin, which causes dark spots and dark spots on the skin.

This active ingredient also has the effect of significantly increasing phagocytosis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and proliferating neutrophils, helping to remove dark pigmentation, melasma better.

5. Treat acne with niacinamide

Niaciamide acne treatment

Niacinamide is an ingredient prepared from niacin (vitamin B3). It is commonly used in wrinkle reduction products and prevents aging problems thanks to its good water retention. At the same time, niacinamide also helps to effectively stimulate the synthesis of protein K1 and collagen.

In addition, it also has the ability to prevent oxidation, regenerate the epidermal cells damaged by UV rays, whiten the skin by helping to reduce the secretion of melanin from pigmentation cells, reducing acne. due to its good anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Hydroquinone


Hydroquinone acts as a whitening agent, helping to reduce blemishes by limiting and reducing melanocytes on the skin, the production of melanin from there is also slower.

However, this is a controversial substance in beauty care because of its impact on the body at a dose 4% higher. Products with hydroquinone concentrations below 2% will bring satisfactory results for users but are not suitable for sensitive skin.

7. Retinoids


Retinoid is a derivative of vitamin A. This is a multi-purpose compound, both able to fight the signs of aging, and can be used to treat acne and acne problems, brown spots …

This is a substance that works: reducing the amount of melanin in the body, anti-inflammatory, preventing dead cells from clogging the pores by increasing the rate of dead skin peeling and minimizing oil glands. Retinoids also help promote collagen production by the body to maintain skin elasticity and maintain collagen levels.

8. Chemical peel

Chemical peel

Chemical change means using acids to “peel” away dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, making the skin smoother and brighter. Chemical skin peeling products often contain active ingredients: AHAs (typically glycolic acid) or beta-hydroxy acids – BHAs (typically salicylic acid).

Usually, skin peels (biological changes) will have a higher concentration of acid than over-the-counter serums or creams. But in general, these products only work on the epidermis, fade light blemishes and lighten skin.

If you have long-term acne bruises and dark spots, you should perform professional chemical peels, capable of deepening from the dermis (middle layer). You should perform these treatments in a place with experienced doctors to ensure effectiveness and safety for yourself.

9. Apply laser peel to treat blemishes

laser peel to treat acne

Considered as a treatment for skin resurfacing, laser peel uses light energy to act on the skin, helping to stimulate collagen production, regenerate skin from within, and remove dead skin. dull color. Since then, all kinds of acne, melasma, freckles, dark spots caused by acne are effectively repelled, the new skin will be brighter and smoother than before.

You should consult a dermatologist when planning this method to treat blemishes caused by acne. Invasive lasers are powerful enough to remove the outer surface layer of the skin and can cause unwanted darkening or damage.

10. Microdermabrasion – super abrasive technique for the skin

Microdermabrasion - super abrasive technique for the skin

This is a more gentle treatment for skin abrasion than its cousin Dermabrasion. This super abrasion method uses a drill with quartz crystals or microscopic diamond tips to remove all dead cells located above the epidermis. Microdermabrasion is suitable for treating brown spots and blemishes.

This method should be done at reputable sites, ensuring medical standards, real people must have high professional skills, and qualified machines.

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