Goodbye only dry hand skin with fresh milk

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Hand skin becomes dry because you have to be exposed to everyday chemicals such as dishwashing liquid, laundry soap … There are many ways to help you regain the smoothness of your hands. One of the many ways is to use fresh milk. Have you fully understood this natural method yet?

Let’s find out with Health CPN through the article below.

Dry hand skin caused by where?

Dry hand skin can be caused by many causes such as cold weather, exposure to chemicals found in everyday products or because you do not protect properly. Prolonging this condition without proper treatment, can lead to dermatitis, swelling, or infection.

The hands have fewer sebaceous glands compared to other areas of the body. As for the palm skin, there is absolutely no sebum pathway. In addition, the amount of water in the hand skin is also less than in other skin areas. Therefore, cold, dry weather is easy to dry hands on.

Use milk to care for the skin of your hands

Milk has anti-inflammatory properties and mild ingredients to help prevent dry and itchy skin. The lactic acid found in milk helps to clear dead skin cells. Meanwhile, the fat content in milk functions to provide moisture to the skin. Therefore, choosing fresh milk is one of the natural methods that are effective when you want to say goodbye to dry hands.

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There are 3 ways for you to apply this method.

Way 1

You need to soak a towel in cold fresh milk. Then, place the towel on the dry skin for 5–10 minutes. Finally rinse it off by gently wiping your hands with a warm washcloth. You should apply it once a day for the benefit.

Fresh milk will stay on the skin, both moisturizing and forming a layer to protect the skin from exposure to the dry environment outside.

Method 2

You put about 60ml of fresh milk in a clean cup. You add a few drops of rose water and lemon juice to the cup of milk and stir well. Then, you apply the mixture on dry skin and massage gently for 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. You can use this method once a day.

Method 3

You heat the milk for 30–45 seconds and let it cool partially. You should use fat-containing fresh milk as the fat will provide extra moisture to the skin. Then, you soak your hands in a cup of warm milk for 10–15 minutes. Finally, you need to wash your hands with warm water and you can apply lotion before bed.

With 3 ways to treat dry hands with raw milk, you should choose the appropriate method to apply. Health CPN hopes dry hand skin will not be your daily worry anymore.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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