Healthy beauty from inside out with yoga ball

Healthy beauty from inside out with yoga ball

If you are interested in yoga, there are many ways to refresh your yoga practice by practicing with the yoga ball. Using a yoga ball not only enriches your gym, but also adds motivation and excitement to your workout.

Yoga balls are a powerful support tool for movements that require endurance, flexibility and challenge the yoga practitioner’s balance in some poses. According to the yoga coaches, exercises with yoga ball help firm muscles, strengthen connective tissue to support bone and joint strength.

Before you start pursuing ball yoga moves, talk carefully with your doctor or yoga instructor about any trauma, illness or other health problem you’ve experienced before. Especially avoid movements that make you uncomfortable or more likely to hurt again.

In terms of training equipment, you need to prepare 1 yoga ball, 1 yoga mat and a fresh, quiet place. It is more ideal if you do yoga with the ball in the gym.

Now let Health CPN learn more about the effects of yoga ball and 4 popular exercises you can do with yoga ball to be healthy and beautiful inside out.

I. Effects of yoga ball

Yoga ball 2

When there is a yoga ball in the gym, you can enjoy the many optimal benefits of each exercise. Moreover, the yoga ball also helps you to be more balanced and flexible in difficult positions.

When training on a ball, your body must use its own strength to maintain balance on the ball. This may seem like a fairly easy task, but it has many great results in strengthening muscles and strengthening bones and joints.

When practicing ball yoga, your upper and lower abdominal muscles also have more chances of becoming toned. Plus, when you combine abdominal and back exercises with a yoga ball, you can perform precise movements with less muscle tension.

Using yoga balls is a trend that many yoga coaches love and prefer to use. They can even lift weights while sitting on a ball. In addition, these people also like to incorporate yoga balls when pulling tension to strengthen their muscles.

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II. 4 yoga exercises with popular silhouettes

1. Squats with yoga ball

Stand upright and place the yoga ball in front of you. Slowly bend down, place your hands on the ball and squat in a straight back posture and hips. Next, you use your hand to roll the ball as far away as possible. At the same time, straighten your arms and chest. Inhale and straighten your knees back and slowly roll the ball back.

Repeat this exercise for about 10 times.

2. Spine rotation

First, sit on a yoga ball. If you need more stability and stability, position the ball against the wall. Legs spread wider than shoulder width apart, feet flexed and arms straight up, then slowly reaching shoulder height.

While doing yoga with the ball in this pose, remember to always keep your sitting high and straight. Next, you rotate your torso to the right and then extend your left arm towards your right toe. Once you feel the tension in the muscles, stop and hold for about 5 seconds. Continue to return to the same position and switch sides with the same movement.

Do this exercise about 10 times. This yoga ball spine rotation exercise will significantly reduce back pain. At the same time, this is also an exercise that helps the body to be more supple and flexible.

3. Posture “superman on the ball”

This exercise will take more effort, as almost every move is in the arms and knees. Meanwhile, the yoga ball is under your body.

First, kneel in front of the ball. Press your chest against the ball and roll the ball forward until your hands touch the floor.

Next, you raise your left arm straight up. At the same time, straighten your right leg and hold for about 5 reps. Lower, change to right arm and right leg. Alternate between right and left for 10 reps.

4. Raise hips with yoga ball

Lie on your back on the floor and place your right heel on the yoga ball. Bend your knee 90 degrees perpendicular. Cross your left leg over the right knee and roll the ball with your foot on the ball to gently roll in. Keep pushing the ball away until you feel your right hip stretch and hold for 15 seconds. Switch sides and repeat the same movements.

III. How to choose the right yoga ball for you

Practicing yoga with the ball is both easy and difficult. These exercises are only convenient and support a lot of health when you have chosen a yoga ball of the right size, suitable for your body. So how to choose the right yoga ball? Health CPN teaches you 4 simple ways below.

1. Choose yoga ball according to height

how to choose the yoga ball

According to this way of choosing this yoga ball, Your knees should bend at right angles when you are sitting on a yoga ball.

Another way to choose a yoga ball for height is to stand with your back against the wall, without shoes and keep your feet flat on the floor. Mark your knee position with a pencil. Then, you use one end of the tape to place on top of the ball and then pull the string to the position of the knee you just marked on the wall. The yoga ball is the right size when the top is level with your knees.

2. Choose yoga ball size

how to choose the yoga ball 2

After determining your height, choose the yoga ball size according to the following suggestions from yoga instructors:

– If you are 150cm tall, do yoga with a 45cm ball.

If you are 155 to 170cm tall, try the 55cm tall yoga balls.

– If you are between 173 and 180cm tall, choose the 75cm tall yoga ball.

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3. Choose the yoga ball according to your needs

√ If you want to do yoga with balls to improve back problems or make legs longer, choose a ball larger than the suggested size when choosing a 5-10cm height yoga ball.

√ If you plan to replace the yoga ball for the office chair and your table height is 74-76cm from the ground, choose a ball with a diameter of 10cm larger than the height of the the chair you will replace.

4. Choose a yoga ball based on its tension

Ball yoga exercises are easier and more reliable if done on balls that are not too tight. When the ball reaches maximum tension, it will give you a sense of certainty but it does not help you in the process.

Therefore, be sure to choose a yoga ball of moderate tension to add to your gym.

Whichever way you choose the yoga ball, you should try first-hand experience with the ball before deciding to buy. Sit on the ball and see if your hips and knees feel comfortable, and if your thighs are parallel to the floor. These are the first yoga ball selection criteria you should consider before buying.

Truong Phuong Dai / Health CPN

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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