13 High Carb Foods For Losing Weight in Week

Who is ready to upgrade their health by eating high carb foods, I’m going to give 13 high carbs foods that are exceptional at helping you lose weight, Now carbs are given a really bad rap it’s like see or hear about carbs and it’s like automatically evil i don’t want carbs, like carbs make me fat keep me away from carbs i want to lose weight,

So i am not going to eat carbs when the reality is it’s not that carbs are making me fat it’s the type of carbs, it’s when you are eating them because you are not active at all you are not exercising it’s not understanding how to macro balance your meals with carbs, Proteins and fats,

So you can regulate your blood sugar and your metabolism and it’s not knowing how to cycle your carbs which goes by which is also kind of the macro balancing cycling carbs and the fastest way to continue eating your favorite carbs and to lose weight,

This not about ketosis cycling carbs is not ketosis it helps you get into a little bit of ketosis which helps with improve your insulin sensitivity which is a good thing when it comes to the cell level, our cells which regulate everything your mitochondria is what produces the massive amount of energy hopefully that boost your metabolic rate helping you potentially burn an extra 100 to 400 calories every single day,

Now if you know that a pound of fat is 3500 calories that’s almost one pound of fat every single week which is awesome which goes beyond scale weight sure you can lose seven pounds in one in one week by doing certain things, but most that water weight and then you don’t want to start eating and chipping away at your muscle tissue your metabolically active tissue.

Healthy High Carb Foods For Losing Weight

Healthy High Carb Foods For Losing Weight

Healthy High Carb Foods For Losing Weight

These foods are high in fiber some of them are high in protein, some of them are high in fructose which is awesome because you don’t like you have an insulin or pre-diabetes problem fructose goes through different pathways, so it doesn’t raise your blood sugar as much as just regular glucose or sugar or if you just swallowed some glucose syruo which hopefully none of you all are doing that unless you are pregnant and they make you do it.

So these 13 High Carb Foods are

  • Sweet potatoes, blueberries, bananas, kidney beans, So beans are super high in protein, bananas blueberries obviously any fruit there’s apples on here grapefruit and oranges any fruit can be and is awesome for losing weight when you combine them with high quality protein high quality fats,
  • You can macro balanced your meals sweet potatoes of course are awesome high in vitamin C beta carotene, buckwheat, oats, Quinoa and beet and chick peas like hummus is what they make that of garbanzo beans Buckley and oats course you can see that everything here is gluten free these grains,
  • these legumes are super high in protein, So if you are on vegetarian vegan based diet these are going to be super helpful for you quinoa and lentils is not on this list but it should be put that with quinoa cans those are complete proteins which is very hard for vegetarians and vegans to find hemp is another one that’s great see like this. high carb foods.

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