Hot yoga – the “hot” trend should not be missed

Hot yoga - the "hot" trend should not be missed

Concerns about obesity, overweight, fat, and sagging stomach are negatively affecting the minds of many people. Being overweight not only affects your appearance, but it also has many negative effects on your health. Yoga, especially hot yoga, has been shown to be very effective for weight loss.

What is hot yoga?

Bikram yoga is also known as “hot yoga”. This type of yoga was created and handed down by Bikram Choudhury, a yoga master. A 90-minute Bikram yoga exercise consists of 26 postures and takes place in a room with temperatures between 35-40 ° C and 40% humidity.

Bikram yoga includes intermediate to advanced exercises. Practitioners have to work out in a very hot room to induce sweating. Exercising in a room with such heat will increase the heart rate, helping the body to move better. People who enjoy hot yoga are very confident in the weight loss effect of this type of yoga.

Hot yoga uses an external heat source to keep the gym temperature around 40 ° C. But be aware that the body also produces heat during exercise. Hot yoga is mainly composed of static (sometimes moving) postures, which means that you will stretch certain parts of the body and contract other parts of the body to be able to stay in that position. You need to have both muscle groups counterbalancing for balance. This is similar to when you work out in the gym with the tools. Therefore, yoga can help you tone your body to get in shape.

Many people believe that exercising sweat can help the body detox and this is also one of the most prominent benefits of hot yoga. But this type of yoga also has one more advantage: it stretches your muscles. When you are in hot temperatures, your blood flow increases, making you feel more flexible. The high temperature helps the muscles to heat up faster, so you can practice yoga poses more comfortably and try to practice them to a higher degree than other types of yoga.

What do you need to prepare for hot yoga?

The key to hot yoga practice is careful preparation. You need to have a clear sense of your own health.

Before going to the gym, you should drink plenty of water as you will sweat a lot due to the heat of the gym. Try not to eat well before exercising and wear sweat absorbent clothes.

In addition to drinking plenty of water before a workout, you should bring a bottle of water to the gym to use when needed. You should also bring your own yoga mat for hygiene. In addition, many practitioners also use a towel on the yoga mat to absorb and dry sweat.

After a yoga session, you should replenish your minerals and electrolytes with healthy drinks, such as Gatorade, Emergen-C or coconut water, as sweating can reduce potassium, sodium and electrolytes. another solution in the body.

Is hot yoga suitable for everyone?

Unlike other types of yoga that are suitable for most people, Bikram yoga is not suitable for pregnant women, as it can increase the internal body temperature and affect the fetus. People with heart problems should consult their doctor before starting any exercise, especially hot yoga.

If you are new to yoga, the trainer will help you with the correct muscle tension before trying Bikram yoga. In high-temperature environments, you shouldn’t exercise too much as this can lead to a few complications. The temperature can get too hot, depending on the person’s tolerance and preference. You can become dehydrated during exercise because you sweat a lot, so drink plenty of fluids before and after you exercise.

Recent research has shown that excessive sweating causes dehydration, leading to lower blood pressure and increased heart rate. You may feel exhausted, dizzy, and nauseous. If you have these symptoms, you must go to a cooler temperature to get the balance back, otherwise you may have a heat stroke and go to the emergency department.

The advice for practitioners is to keep yourself safe. Go outside if it feels too hot. Don’t try when you are over your tolerance. And finally, remember to practice at home and find a yoga studio with a suitable coach for you.

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