How to distinguish and choose serums, lotions, and lotions

How to distinguish and choose serums, lotions, and lotions

In the same line of skin care products, serums, lotions, and lotions all have different uses and uses according to the needs of the skin. This article will help you to help more headache in choosing serums as well as deep care products for your skin.

If you are the “new chicken” in the “village” of skin care, surely the three names above sound strange and full of scholarship that you do not know what to choose on the daily list of skin care. Even those who have a sense of care and skin care for a long time, can not avoid hesitating to choose them, when the uses are the same, it is difficult to decide which one to use.

For a more accurate view of serums, lotions, and lotions, you need to know how to distinguish them.

How to distinguish serums, balms, and lotions is simple

1. Serum

Skin care serum

The formula is usually in a liquid, liquid form but contains a lot of concentrated nutrients or specialties.

Uses are often used to treat a specific skin problem such as wrinkles, dullness, dark spots, acne, pigmentation …

Thanks to its light, liquid texture, serum can easily penetrate deep into the skin, promoting the use of nutrients.

In other words, serum is capable of nourishing and treating the skin from deep within, surprisingly effective after a few weeks of use.

One thing to note: Serums cannot replace medicine, but they only contain nutrients, ingredients that help “nourish”, restore and regenerate the skin.

What is the mechanism of the serum?

  • As a nutritive essence, active ingredients are concentrated and effective for the skin.
  • Has a specific and clear use of goals.
  • Absorbs easily through the cuticles.

What does the serum do?

  • Deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Lock in moisture, prevent water loss on the skin surface.
  • Protect skin from the sun.

2. Nourishing oil

skin with grape seed oil

As the name suggests, they are oil-based skin care products that help soften the texture and rejuvenate the skin.

The common oils are extracted from fruits, nuts, they promise to bring many miraculous results to the skin.

In addition to intensive nourishment and restoration, nourishing oils can also promote cellular hydration (cellular hydration), that is, enhances the skin cells’ ability to retain water.

Advice for you when choosing the right skin care oil, choose a small molecule size such as argan oil, jojoba oil to avoid clogging pores and prevent the absorption of other nutrients.

What does the balm of the oil work?

  • Retains water on the surface, moisturizes long term.
  • Acts as an essential fatty acid, providing vitamins to the skin.

What does the balm have no function?

  • Provides water-soluble nutrients to the skin, such as vitamin B3.
  • Provides, balances hydration.

3. Creams

Lock in moisture with lotion

Creams are formulated from a combination of water and oil, they are used to lock moisture, prevent the problem of dehydration.

When your skin feels extremely dry, meaning your lotion is not hydrated enough or can’t go deep inside to moisturize, you need to consider purchasing highly moisturizing but still clear. airy surface.

For any day, sunny or rainy, using a moisturizer is also a great way to lock in moisture, locking in water for your skin. The cream is more effective if you apply it while the skin is still smooth and damp.

What are the dead muscles of the cream?

  • Moisturizes, keeps water on the skin’s surface.
  • Provides oil and water soluble nutrients for intensive skin nourishment.

What function does the cream do?

  • Penetrates deep inside to provide nutrients.
  • Does not form a strong, thick skin barrier with balm.

The difference between serums, lotions, lotions

  • Serum: Contains up to 70% of active ingredients, making them more effective in treatment and skin care faster than the other 2 types.
  • Lotion: Has a lower ratio of active ingredients and is formulated to provide moisture, keeping water in the surface layer. Usually, the cream will work best at the last step of skin care.
  • Nourishing oil: Extracted from special, friendly nuts and easily absorbed deeply into the skin without leaving excess oil clog pores, this also means the ability to soften, moisturize the skin. higher than lotion.

So which one should you choose?

Choose serums, lotions or lotions

Lotion: Is an indispensable “item” in your skin care cycle. On the other hand, serum or balm you should consider according to your needs and skin type.

Serum: You need to properly identify your current needs, what your skin needs? (the need for whitening care, acne treatment, darkening treatment, anti-aging …).

Nourishing oil: Most oily skinned girls cannot use oil-based products, but if your skin is not too sensitive, you can choose oils high in linoleic and oleic acid to rebalance excess oil. loaded with antioxidants such as grape seed oil, passion fruit oil …

Whether you choose any of these three types of skin care products or combine these three types of skin care, it is extremely important to understand how they work on your skin. From now on, serums, lotions or lotions are no longer a headache to choose from.

Vi Nguyen / Health CPN

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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