How to get rid of red pimples and blemishes at home?

How to get rid of red pimples and blemishes at home?

How to get rid of red acne safely at home? No need for expensive treatments, no chemicals or cosmetics, with these special formulas, you will get rid of red acne simply at home. You will easily “erase” red pimples quickly without leaving scars, dark spots.

Most of us are prone to skin acne problems whether you are in your teens or adulthood. There are many underlying causes for red blemishes that can occur at any time such as: External dirt environment or internal hormonal changes.

Usually red bumps are mistaken for acne. However, these two types of acne differ in that: red pimples are usually painful and non-pus-filled, while acne or pustules have white or yellow nuclei.

Acne will easily and quickly disappear without leaving any traces with the right treatment. Certainly because of the impatient mentality, many times you are tempted by the acne molding treatments from the spa or thanks to the intervention of technology. However, if you do not choose the right place with reputable, professional dermatology, red acne can leave scars and other damaged problems on your skin.

To both treat red acne effectively and limit the consequences of acne, scars after acne, here are 6 simple ways to help you answer the question of how to get rid of red acne?

1. How to get rid of red acne? Use apple cider vinegar

Treat acne with apple cider vinegar

Uses of acne with apple cider vinegar

Known as an indispensable “miracle” for people to lose weight, apple cider vinegar is also widely used by many people because of its ability to treat and heal acne lesions.

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This vinegar is extracted from cider fermentation for a long time and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties.

Because it contains some organic acids (acids), apple cider vinegar can help eliminate acne, along with lactic acid has the ability to stimulate skin regeneration, limit bruising, scarring as well as regulating excess oil effectively.


  • Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 3 tablespoons of purified water.
  • Wet the mixture with a cotton pad and apply it evenly to the affected area.
  • Do it 2-3 times / day, you will feel the redness, swelling in the pimples noticeably less.

2. How to get rid of red acne? Using zinc

The use of zinc acne

Zinc is an important ingredient for the formation and development of skin cells. They are considered fundamental to metabolism, hormone production and the immune system.

In the active ingredients for acne treatment, zinc is a common ingredient recommended by experts for skin inflammation caused by acne.

Besides, there are many studies that have shown that people with a diet high in zinc will experience less acne. So how to get rid of red acne thanks to zinc supplementation?


  • Add zinc with natural foods: oysters, shrimp, beef, pork, chicken, legumes, mushrooms, and milk.
  • Supplementing with zinc with oral supplements: The optimal dose is 30-45 mg of zinc per day to effectively reduce acne.
  • Using zinc oxide topical: Usually this type of drug contains 80% zinc. You can consult your doctor before taking it, it is important not to exceed the maximum limit of 45 mg / day.

3. How to get rid of red acne? Use honey and cinnamon

The use of acne treatment of honey and cinnamon

This is a fairly popular and effective combination for acne treatment, especially nukedomycetes such as red pimples, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants.

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Many studies show that antioxidants are extremely suitable for the treatment of acne, because they are rich in vitamin B3, sodium ascorbly, phosphate, vitamin C, omega-6. How to get rid of red pimples by combining honey and cinnamon?


  • Mix 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with water to make a paste.
  • Wash your face and then apply the mixture evenly on the red acne skin.
  • Hold for 15 minutes then rinse gently with water.
  • Apply 2 times / week for clear results.

4. How to get rid of red acne? Use tea tree oil.

Treat acne with tea tree oil

The use of acne treatment of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very popular and believed to be used in the treatment of acne, because of its ability to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, and reduce acne.

Some studies show that just using tea tree oil 5% is enough to reduce red acne, inflammatory acne effectively.

For those of you whose skin is too sensitive, irritable when using benzoyl peroxide to treat acne, tea tree oil is an alternative that can be used long-term and less irritating, burning, and dry skin.


  • Mix the tea tree oil with water in the ratio 1-9.
  • Wet the mixture with a cotton pad and then apply it evenly to the affected area.
  • Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
  • Repeat 1-2 times / day to speed up the process of reducing acne, limit scarring, dark spots.

5. How to get rid of red acne? Use green tea

Treat acne with green tea

The use of acne treatment of green tea

Natural green tea leaves contain many antioxidants that are good for health and skin. In particular, using green tea leaves to treat acne is very safe and effective because they contain flavonoids and tannins that help fight bacteria and inflammation.

In addition to the usual way of drinking green tea, you can now take advantage of fresh tea water to apply on areas with red acne.

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  • Rinse the green tea leaves, then boil with clean water for 3-4 minutes.
  • Let the tea cool, then use a cotton ball soaked in tea water to apply it on the acne skin.
  • Let dry naturally then rinse face with clean water.

In addition, you can take advantage of pureed tea to make a mask, helping to increase the function of acne treatment.

6. How to get rid of red acne? Don’t forget aloe vera

The use of aloe vera

Aloe vera is a food commonly used in skin care worldwide. When applied directly to the skin, it feels greasy, but they can reduce acne swelling, fight inflammation, and speed up excellent wound healing.

In addition, aloe vera also contains salicylic acid, sulfur that helps to eliminate acne easily. How to get rid of red pimples by using aloe vera at home?


  • Separate the aloe vera meat with a spoon, then mix with some clean water.
  • Apply the mixture to the skin like a moisturizer, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • Repeat 1-2 times / day to feel smooth, supple skin.

Acne can not be completely treated with squeezing in the same way as other acne types. Because they easily spread to healthy skin and make skin conditions worse.

Applying the treatment of red and non-human acne with available natural ingredients, easy to find, will help you get rid of the “cycle” of acne as well as limit the possibility of irritation of harmful components, activating substances in cosmetic pharmaceuticals.

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