How To Lose Belly Fat – Beyond Diet

One of the most overlooked – or completely unknown – aspects of overall health, is the presence (or lack of) friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. The condition known as “Sterile Gut” is basically the lack of these friendly organizations. Numerous health issues can be attributed to lack of these ‘critters’. An overweight condition could very well be caused by the digestive system (large and small colon) being void of the presence of these life-friendly little buggers!

Inadequate amounts of beneficial intestinal micro-organisms are directly related by medical experts to such problems as constipation, allergy problems, a weakened immune system, high cholesterol, candida (yeast infection) and obesity.

So what exactly do these little, natural friends of ours do? Where do they come from?

Prior to the 20th century human animals were naturally exposed to these friendly organisms simply by eating fresh, unadulterated foods. The introduction of anti-biotics, pesticides and sanitary food processing, basically eliminated our normal ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables containing human-friendly, digestive organizations.

Acting like virtual, self-defense armies in the human gut, these micro organisms fight against the normal onslaught of UNfriendly pathogens in the gastro-intestinal tract. Additionally they help with the production of antibodies (antigens), improve digestion, clean the intestinal walls, and aid in the absorption of nutrients.

Also known as “probiotics”, friendly bacteria break digesting food into it’s most basic elements, which improves absorption of vitamins and minerals and thereby targeting health at the cellular level.

Proteins produced by friendly bacteria produce antibodies (antigens), that naturally build up the immune system and eliminate toxic waste. Additionally they defend against free radical damage in the human body via enzymes that naturally produce.

Perhaps one of the most benefit benefits of populating the human digestive tract with these small organisms is their support of the body in the ongoing battle against pathological molds, yeast, fungi and viruses.

Lack of a sufficiently populated, friendly micro-organisms in the digestive tract allows plaque and parasites, viruses, pathogens, yeast, etc to “rule the roost” and result in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue and immunity maintain a normal, health weight.

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