How to make breasts smaller to make your body more balanced

How to make breasts smaller to make your body more balanced

A full bust is not really sexy or desirable as many people think. Even many women have struggled to find ways to make their breasts smaller to have a balanced appearance and more comfortable sleeping or walking activities.

When you have a bust size that is too large for your body size, you will easily experience back pain as well as have difficulty exercising or choosing underwear. So is there a safe way of making small breasts that you can apply right away?

Factors affecting breast size

To figure out how to make breasts smaller, you need to understand the factors that influence breast size. This is a basic understanding that will help you adjust your figure to be more balanced.

How big or small your breasts is depends on many factors. You need to understand these factors to have a reasonable way of making breasts smaller.

• Genetic: Genetic agents play the largest role in determining breast size and shape. You will be more likely to have a fuller bust if your loved one has the same problem.

• Weight: The tissues in the chest are mainly fat cells. So the breast size will also change if the amount of body fat changes.

• Do exercise: Chest exercises like push-ups can build more muscle in this area and make the chest firmer. This can change the ring shape and bust size quite a bit.

• Pregnancy and lactation: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause breast enlargement. Besides, breastfeeding also contributes to increase breast size.

The suffering of the girls with big breasts

how to make breasts smaller

While small-breasted girls lack confidence in their “flat screen” body, front and back like one, the girls with big breasts lament their breasts are too big. The following are the sufferings of women whose breasts are fuller than expected.

1. Big chest causes back and neck pain

Not only does having a lot of fatty tissue in the chest make the bust bigger, but also much heavier. This may make you more inclined to lean forward more than others as you walk. This habit not only makes you not have a good gait, but also gradually makes the muscles in your neck and back tighten, hurt and weak.

2. Big breasts will be difficult to exercise

Running with a large bust weight can be uncomfortable, even painful. Over time, this pain can make you lose interest in exercise. Moreover, even if you are determined to exercise, it is difficult to perform correctly movements that involve chest muscles.

3. Big breasts so it is difficult to choose sleeping positions

Girls with large breasts will have difficulty choosing their sleeping position. Stomach or sideways positions will make your bust uncomfortably squeezed. While lying on your back may be a little more comfortable, it can be difficult to hold it all night. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position may be the reason you often wake up in the middle of the night.

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4. Big breasts have trouble choosing clothes

Girls with full breasts often find it difficult to choose a suitable bra. Rimmed shirts have enough support, but are hard and uncomfortable. Even fitting frames are at risk of getting into the skin and causing pain after a long day. Softer frameless sports jerseys are sometimes not able to support the bust.

Not only bras, but also girls with full bust also have difficulty choosing to buy shirts to wear every day. Patterned bras that accentuate the chest area can be very sexy but will reveal your flaws. A polite shirt is easy to unbutton in the ring once it is worn. You may even be able to try on a very satisfying shirt but just ignore it because it is tight on the first round!

5. Big breasts make it difficult for you to breastfeed

Breastfeeding is not easy no matter how big or small your breasts are. However, having large breasts will make breastfeeding more difficult. When you have oversized breasts, it is difficult to choose a scientific and comfortable nursing position for your baby and yourself. You may need to support your breasts with your arms during the feed no matter how tired you are.

How to make small breasts safe

how to make breasts smaller

Your body goes through many changes over time, so your bust size will change, not stay the same. Certain changes in weight, diet or hormone levels also affect breast size. You can take advantage of this to find ways to shrink your breasts as follows:

1. Make breasts smaller by losing weight

Sometimes breast enlargement is caused by excess fat in your body. In this situation, losing weight is an effective way to make breasts smaller. You can make changes to your diet and exercise to reduce overall body fat, including fat in your bust.

To lose weight, reduce the number of calories you eat each day by eliminating the habit of snacking or eating greasy foods. Besides, cardio exercises will also help you burn fat and reduce bust size. Depending on your health condition, you can choose cardio exercises like jogging, swimming or brisk walking.

2. Make breasts smaller by reducing estrogen

Estrogen plays a major role in the development of breast tissue and is a hormone that helps girls develop breasts during puberty. So, reducing estrogen in the body can reduce breast size, especially if you are having a hormone imbalance.

To reduce estrogen in your body, you can add whole grains and green tea to your diet. You can also try adding flaxseeds, as animal studies suggest that these seeds may help regulate estrogen levels. Furthermore, flaxseeds may also help protect the heart, reduce the risk of cancer and prevent inflammation.

Birth control pills that contain estrogen and progesterone can also increase your bust size without your attention. So if you are looking for ways to make your breasts smaller, you need to pay more attention to your contraceptive method. You can consult your doctor to apply these Non-hormonal contraceptive methods such as spermicide, diaphragm, cervical cap …

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3. Make your breasts smaller by choosing neat things

One way to make breasts smaller you can apply right away is to find bras that fit and have good support. Although changing a bras will not actually reduce the size of your bust, it will also help your bust look tidy and firmer, not oversized. In addition, a well-fitting bra will help support the weight of your bust and minimize discomfort like back pain or discomfort during exercise.

For everyday wear, choose shirts with less textures and dark colors to create a feeling of smaller body. In addition, you also need to choose a shirt that fits you and avoid clothes that are too loose or loose. The ones that are too wide will make you lose elegance and neatness.

An elegant, well-proportioned appearance is not far off if you know how to make a small bust safely. You will get a slimmer bust if you work hard, eat well and choose the right clothes for your physique!

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