How to properly shave legs?

How to properly shave legs?

Many girls like to use hair remover to clean the hair of the legs or other parts of the body. However, not all hair removers are safe for the skin. Therefore, many other friends choose for themselves how to remove leg hair with a razor. So how to properly shave legs? Have you noticed and correctly applied the following notes?

Let’s find out with Health CPN.

You should not shave your legs in the morning

When we sleep, our legs usually swell a little bit from normal. If you shave in the morning, you won’t be able to shave off all of the hair and make the remaining hair look unattractive.

Shave your legs properly

Most girls often shave from top to bottom. However, to ensure a clean shave, place the razor in the opposite direction of the root hair growth. In addition, you should also start shaving from your ankle to your knee, then from your knee to your thigh.

Exfoliate and moisten feet before shaving

In parts of the body, the legs tend to be drier so the number of dead cells there is more. Exfoliation helps shave skin “reach” closer to the pores and prevent ingrown hairs. Next, you should moisten the skin of the feet with a moisturizer to avoid burning pain, redness after shaving.

Don’t shave your legs often

Shaving your legs too often can cause the skin to become rough, grow more and blacker than before. According to experts, you should perform the shave 2–3 times / month for the best results.

Shave into short, gentle lines

One of the mistakes when shaving legs is shaving a long way from the knee down to the ankle. Such long lines are very easy to prevent the hair from being shaved off at the end. You should shave in small chunks so that each shave is gentle, safe and the hair will be handled in a lighter way too!

Use a multi-blade razor

Dermatologist Neal Schultz indicates if you use a razor with 3 or more blades, it will ensure ease and convenience for you to take care of your feet, especially in difficult areas like your knees or ankles.

What time is suitable for shaving legs?

For the safest skin after shaving, the right time to shave is before bedtime. You should shave the hair for 2–3 minutes after soaking in warm water, waiting for the bristles to soften to reduce the tingling sensation and pain of shaving. After you have finished shaving, wait 5–10 minutes for your pores to tighten before going to bed.

To protect the skin of your feet and ensure that the hair of your feet is shaved, you should take note of the above. Health CPN hope the above article has helped you in taking care of yourself everyday.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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