5 Tips That Improve Mental Fitness

Most people focus a lot of their efforts and a lot of their attention on their physical body of course when you are trying to get in shape naturally your physical appearance comes first but a lot of people forget about the mental fitness aspect of getting in shape and the mental aspect of living a sustainable life, So here are top five that can help you mentally get fit.

1. Focus on One Thing at a Time

Focus on One Thing at a Time

So whether you are at work or whether you are just hanging around with your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your wife or your husband it doesn’t matter who you are with focus on that given moment in your life, how many of us glued to our cell phones are glued to our laptop most people even spend most of their time on their phone while they are watching TV that’s not really a way to enjoy life, it’s not really a way to embrace, The moment I’m challenging you to get mentally fit by putting away your cell phone the next time you are hanging out with your significant other and really focusing on them and embracing the moment.

2. Keep a Journal

Keep a Journal

Keep a Journal

Keep a journal of your food habits, exercise habits, personal habits and you know that when you document every part of your life you know exactly which areas you need to focus on and which areas you need to avoid, when it comes to health and fitness and nutrition, when you are tracking everything you eat you are not going to list a bag of chips or you know four or five cookies on your journal because at the end of the day when you are reviewed that journal you are going to know that you are just walking way from the progress, So that’s definitely a big way to practice mental ¬†fitness is by keeping a journal keep daily log of your habits a daily log of your exercise routine and a daily of your nutrition.

3. Set Personal Goals For Mental Fitness

Set Personal Goals For Mental Fitness

When i say Goals I’m not talking about twelve months or two years far ahead of time talking about short-term goals what is your seven day goal, what is your 14 day goal, what is your 30 day goal, when you set smaller goals for yourself you make them that much more realistic, how many times do you go out in the run of a month or one of in the run of a year and you buy all these books you just stock them up on your shelf and you are just trying dying to read them all what happens though you get home see that there’s four or five books and you just don’t know where to start you end up reading none of them, When it comes to reading say you want to rad one page a night or one chapter a night and keep progressing until you hit your goal, Now these goals doesn’t have to be about reading a book pick a goal you want to set for yourself pick something every day that you can do for seven days and i guarantee by that seventh day it’s going to become a habit.

4. Exercise For Mental Fitness

Exercise For Mental Fitness

Exercise For Mental Fitness

Fourth way to battle mental fitness and to work on your mental fitness is of course exercising once again exercising does not need to be strenuous, it doesn’t need to be a strain on your body go for a walk take the stairs so something stay active three to four days a week that really is all you need don’t feel like you have to go to the complete extreme and work out five six seven days a week realistically it’s not for everyone we all have busy schedule, we all have very busy lives and have that shadow of having to work out six seven days a week can become very daunting for a lot of people and you know what that prevents them from getting started in the first place besides you know i could list a hundred benefits of exercise but the main ones i want to focus on today are that the health battle anxiety depression and they really stimulate your brain, So tip number four the battle and work on your mental fitness is exercise.

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5. Have Fun


Have Fun

The last way is practice your mental fitness is just by having some fun, life often gets way too serious whether you are at work, when you are home you know what growing up is tough growing up is very difficult you have a lot of responsibilities that you never had you’ve got bills that you’ve never had when you were a kid but look at what kids do they go out they have fun, they forget about everything else they forget about their stress and they docs on the moment they embrace the moment and you know what life gets way too serious sometimes take a step back enjoy the moment, enjoy your company, enjoy the people you are with, enjoy yourself at work, enjoy yourself at home.

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