Is 6 pack abs training really important?

Is 6 pack abs training really important?

6 pack abs is the guy’s wish, but you should stop the abs exercises because it can do more harm than good!

Don’t just care about having 6 pack abs, you should pay attention to the safety and health impact during exercise.

Most people are interested in six pack abs. In reality, however, those dreamed muscles aren’t the most important organs. To find out why, please follow the article below!

The most important muscles you will ever expect

To make it easier for you to understand, I will introduce the first trans-abdominal muscles. If you take care of this muscle area before and during exercise, your spine and lower back will be healthier and better, and your six pack abs will also improve significantly.

The transverse muscles work to protect the region of your spine. It’s underneath your six pack abs, so it’s often overlooked. However, the role of the abdominal muscles is more important than the other muscles.

This area of ​​the abdominal muscles is not easy for most people. Here are a few simple tips that will help you build abdominal muscles easily:

  • First, lie on a flat surface like on the floor or on your bed;
  • Then imagine pushing your belly button inward (by taking a deep breath). If you need assistance, you can use your fingers to push the abdomen gently inwards. It’s important not to hold your breath, so you should be able to talk while exercising;
  • Beginners should maintain this activity for 5 minutes. Repeat about 20 times until you get used to it.

Remember that when you exercise, you exercise the function of the muscle, not just the anatomical shape of the muscle.

Are you doing crunches and wondering why you have low back pain?

If so, think about this: when you flex your arms, you can see your fore-biceps shrink and shorten. And the next day, you get used to the muscle fatigue from the previous day’s muscle exercises.

The biceps of the biceps gradually shorten and it begins to adapt to this position rather than when stretching the arms.

Why don’t the muscles in your fore body work the same way? Muscles are muscles, their “response” is simply to stretch and contract.

Research by Dr. Stuart Mc Gill has shown here the problem is that crunches only make the muscles worse, not help at all. If you do too much muscle training, your torso and spine will bend excessively. The joints of the spine and the disc of the spine inside the spine can become damaged. A similar situation will happen when the spine is too stretched.

What are the major functions of your body?

All the muscles concentrated in the central region (abdomen, hips, lumbar) and the area near the pelvis support each other to protect the spine of the body, especially the spine at the lower back. Most notably, these areas protect your spine during movement with anti-roll, anti-flex or over-stretch.

First, if you want to protect your spine and find the best position for your body, you need to pay attention to these two important areas.

Next, when your goal is to build stronger muscles, if you can keep the vital organs in motion (such as movement, …) stable, you will have better health and lower back. healthier.

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